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Rosin is made without using any solvents which is a big advantage over butane hash oil (“shatter”).  BHO shatter is made using butane as a solvent and unfortunately in order to remove the butane the product is placed under “vacuum purge” for many hours or even days. The problem is that this very process of “vacuum purging” also boils off the vast majority of the terpenes responsible for taste, smell and overall flavor. The reason that happens is because the boiling points of all types of molecules are reduced greatly when placed under a vacuum, and terpenes have fairly low boiling points to start with! What all this means is that after vacuum purging BHO long enough to contain low enough levels of butane to be considered “safe”, you get a product with little to no remaining natural taste smell or flavor, so BHO extractors often have to resort to adding non cannabis derived food grade terpenes into the product. That is why BHO shatter usually doesn’t smell or taste like natural cannabis and sometimes comes in a wild variety of flavours.

The rosin process by Squish Extracts on the other hand uses no solvent in the first place so there is no need for any vacuum purge. All of the natural terpenes remain in the final concentrate product which means rosin always smells and tastes exactly like the cannabis it was extracted from. Squish Extracts