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The first day of summer, the first sip of coffee in the morning, that first stroke on a blank canvas, life is filled with moments of everyday wonder. Building off of this philosophy, Wonders is all about preserving that first, fresh feeling of wonder with their fresh, ready-to-go microdose products.   1 Hit Wonders’ ready-to-go pre-rolls, shroom capsules, vapes, and edibles are designed to help get your feet wet without diving in. Each of or our fresh, premium flower and herbal mushroom offerings are formulated to make each experience feel as unique as the first. They’re functional, portable, and designed for a wonderful experience that won’t leave you overwhelmed.  Their magic mushrooms and cannabis flower are cultivated, grown, and harvested entirely by them. Wonders pride themselves in delivering safe, impactful experiences through their fungi-based capsules and cannabis pre-rolls that use only natural ingredients of the highest quality.