2 Mushroom Ounces for $350

$560.00 $350.00

Pick Any 2 Strains of Your Choice:

Each Strain Comes with 28 Grams of Magic Mushrooms!

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Choose any 2 ounces of mushrooms and get them for $175 each! Act now and get the strains of your choice before they are all sold out. Selection is limited so hurry up and buy now!

6 reviews for 2 Mushroom Ounces for $350

  1. macdesj1 (verified owner)

    I order two oz of the amozian n took about 5grams n the trip lasted well over 6 hours

  2. 4jcfraser (verified owner)

    I got the Amazonians and was very pleased with them. No matter the amount I took it was a very cerebral and relaxing experience for me; my mood was uplifted, creativity boosted, I felt more clarity, focus and in tune with my surroundings. The more I took, the more powerful the experience. Very positive for me and would definitely get again.

  3. donovan.liam (verified owner)

    Blue meanies have been my favorite have 2oz of the Amazonian mushrooms otw I dont think I’ll be disappointed

  4. dennisdesjardine1971 (verified owner)

    I had an amazing trip on the Amazonian Mushrooms! I ate 2 grams to start with and about 4/5 hours later, I ate another 1.5. I also had 5/6 drinks and a few big ass joints. My trip lasted about 9hrs…and I loved every minute of it!! I highly recommend to anyone and everyone who enjoys mushrooms to order these Amazonian mushrooms…you will not be disappointed , guaranteed!!

  5. coreyalwavey (verified owner)

    Blue meanies are my favorite. <3 Golden teachers are also great tho. Havent tried any others yet tho. But i'm sure i'll get around too it.

  6. iamyzrnu (verified owner)

    Wow 2 OZ of Blue Meanies Mushrooms
    What a trip. Very powerful mushrooms!!!!

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