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AA Lamb’s Bread (28g Special)

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Lamb’s Bread

Type: 5% Indica | 95% Sativa
Batch Grade: AA

Quantity: 28 Grams
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Lamb’s Bread

It’s time to unwind and explore with Lamb’s Bread! This strain is great for going out and enjoying a hike, nature or even vividly seeing the beautiful colours of a cityscape. With creativity and inspiration peaking, just waiting to be liberated and utilized.

True to its sativa nature, Lamb’s Bread accomplishes this and also brings in a relaxing buzz. Contrary to other sativas, the impact that the strain delivers won’t come at you like a train. It is an easy lifting of your thoughts and spirit. A hit or two is more than enough to keep you medicated for hours.

Outdoor growers can expect tall plants and thin, sun leaves with the flowers hitting full maturity by mid-to-late October. Indoors, the plant grows dramatically during the first month of flowering, with buds typically hitting peak ripeness 9-10 weeks after entering the 12/12 light cycle. The strain typically tests 10-15% in THC, and has a mild CBD content.

Medical Benefits

This 95% sativa strain is all about energy and positivity. With 16-21% of THC content, a hit or two is more than enough to keep you medicated for hours. Medically speaking, this strain has a myriad of uses. A great morning strain, Lamb’s Bread will give you an arousal of the mind. Because of its uplifting properties, this strain is great for mental health issues such as depression, stress, bipolar, and mild anxiety. Like gentle dandelion fuzz blowing in the midday breeze, the effects of this delicate strain work slowly and cautiously to cradle you to tranquility.

Up to 15-17% THC

Effects: HappyEnergeticUpliftedEuphoricCreative

Medical: StressDepressionFatigueInflammationPain

Flavours:  EarthyWoodySpicy/Herbal

8 reviews for AA Lamb’s Bread (28g Special)

  1. locoetta20 (verified owner)

    Not bad for a budget Sativa! Decent traveling high, found it quite heady. Alot of sticks and wood in the product with this stuff tho, hence the 4 stars.

  2. keep1rolled (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff

  3. petethepimp_11 (verified owner)

    Very tasty. Solid buds

  4. randean.f (verified owner)

    Great strain, Has a nice smell to it light and earthy with almost a lemony hint, smokes smoothly, would recommend having a very clean smoking piece as the earthy tones of this strain really pick up the rez flavours, good for day use while still being able to do daily tasks

  5. mathieu086 (verified owner)


  6. GreenMachine (verified owner)

    Great taste and smell. Very smooth and light great for the daytime. Uplifting strain.

  7. cerlendson23 (verified owner)

    This is actually a really nice sativa strain that I think I will come back to again. uplifting high, moderately potent. smells sour, tastes very earthy.

  8. Enna (verified owner)

    Lamb’s Bread is a strain everyone should try! A true classic. It is a sativa but it has a way of lifting you up without knocking you out. Deinitely something to share socially or just enjoy it daily to you to keeps yourself motivated and positive.
    This is a great buy!

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