Acapulco Gold

THC 17-23%CBD 0-1%

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Acapulco Gold has a reputation for being one of the best strains to have ever existed in the cannabis world. Often dubbed as a “connoisseur pot,” the Acapulco Gold strain is any pothead’s dream.


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Acapulco Gold Strain Information

Also known as Mexican Sativa, the Acapulco Gold strain is easily one of the most sought-after weeds. Did you know? High Times Magazine picked this cannabis as one of the 25 Greatest Strains of all time in 2014. This Sativa dominant strain originated in Mexico, from Acapulco, during the ‘60s; hence, it’s named after the famous city.

As popular as it was decades ago, this strain is still very much in trend for its potency and unique color. Consuming or vaping this luxurious cannabis will take you on an energizing and euphoric high. And due to these effects, Acapulco Gold is commonly used as a morning doobie to help you get pumped for the day!

Though the exact genetics of this mouth-watering sativa remains a mystery, Acapulco Gold has given birth to other popular hybrids, such as Skunk No.1 and Apple Pie. Besides, this landrace strain has been featured in several films and music, best known for its appearance in the popular 1978’s movie, Up in Smoke. It started with the iconic comedy duo, Cheech & Chong. Moreover, this strain was even linked to celebrities like Mick Jagger, Carol Wayne, and Led Zeppelin.


Truly, no other cannabis hits your senses as Acapulco Gold does! Not just your taste buds, but this marijuana is a treat to your sense of smell – thanks to its warm and sweet aroma. It smells like caramelized toffee, with subtle citrus and pine notes.


Acapulco Gold has a warm gourmand coffee-like taste, almost like your morning cup of coffee! Of course, the taste of your cannabis will highly depend on where it is sourced from. But generally, this strain is known for its exquisite flavor with spiced hints of nutmeg.


Acapulco Gold is a stunner with vibrant orange hairs intertwined with green and brown buds. The “gold” in its name comes from its distinct golden pistils. 

Acapulco Gold Strain Effects

Often dubbed as a “connoisseur pot,” the Acapulco Gold strain is any pothead’s dream. Whether you’re a recreational or medicinal cannabis user, you can benefit from this potent strain. It is best known for its cerebral effects, inducing feelings of euphoria, happiness, and high energy. As such, it’s also a hit among people suffering from depression and anxiety. 

Thanks to its Sativa properties, this strain is also used as an effective pain reliever. So, if you often suffer from nausea, muscle spasms, body ache, or inflammatory pain, you can find an escape with every puff. 



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Acapulco Gold has a reputation for being one of the best strains to have ever existed in the cannabis world. It has become synonymous with top-shelf marijuana. As such, it tends to fly right out of the window the moment it enters the market. So, if you get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky; because this potent cannabis is hard to come by.

132 reviews for Acapulco Gold

  1. lafete

    Nice smoke,enjoying puffing this srain

  2. address2me

    Its ok. Smell, taste, look and hi are all mid for me.

  3. ncsiding

    First time trying Acapulco gold and was not disappointed. Beautiful tight stinky buds and a great pick me up high

  4. pelehoscrystal

    5 🌟

  5. cpepp119

    Definitely mood enhancing, although if smoked with the wrong company it can definitely enhance negative feels too…

  6. Jamieleigh

    One of my favorite strains available in 2 for $300 special

  7. pelehoscrystal

    Enjoyed very much

  8. tercar1.6

    Brings me back to the old days it’s perfect.

  9. wayne.stacey

    This is a BS (Beautiful Strain ) and that’s no BS ( U no what i mean 🙂 Awesome taste and effect .

  10. lachapelle111

    Absolutely 💯, love it, friends to are requesting this

  11. ragwon88

    was a nice little treat, i had forgotten what strain i had smoked back in the day that gave me the old ak47 smoke, it was because of my buddy i rememberd this was my strain back in the day, cant wait to order more

  12. Bogart

    This is fantastic! One of the best strains they have.

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