Alien OG

THC 25-28%CBD 0-1%

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Alien OG is a hybrid that provides a stimulation that’s out of this world. It’s psychedelic characteristics will take you on an adventure that is often enjoyed with nature hikes, great music, and awesome friends. It’s delicious flavour and happy euphoria will equal the best times.


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Alien OG Strain Information

Alien OG is a hybrid strain that provides a stimulation that’s out of this world. It’s almost like a psychedelic high that may enhance colors or distort your vision with enhanced colors. This strain is created by crossing Tahoe OG Kush and the elusive Alien Kush, which is why it has an incredible high potency around 28% THC. This bud also has a zesty taste that will fill you with a euphoria sense of happiness.


Alien OG has a pleasantly sweet, citrus-like aroma, with lemon notes drifting up from the cured buds. There are also very faint soil and fresh pine scents. However, it emits a more spicy, hashy aroma when combusted, as is typical of the OG family.


The smoke is refreshing yet not harsh on the lungs. On the exhale, smokers may detect hashy incense and a subtle tang of ammonia. This is a potent strain, and its odor may linger for a long time after smoking.


Alien OG are more tiny and small nugs but they pack a powerful punch. It’s flowers are very thick and has a compact bud structure which is funny because it’s specific variants are more sativa in nature and have looser fluffier leaves. The leaves are light green and are contrasted by orange to brilliant red pistils, and is stickily coated in trichomes that make them look wet and frosty, as shown by their high THC concentration.

Alien OG Effects

The effects are more energetic with Alien OG and have a intense cerebral effect that can fire up your thoughts with a trippy sensation. This strain is socially enjoyable with your friends and provides a mental boost for everybody to be present with nature and mindful!

It’s a happy strain and as the feeling grows, your body will also begin to feel a buzz that will have you relaxed from head to toe. These effects make Alien OG an excellent strain for treating chronic stress or pain, and leave you with some serious munchies. It’s a very well balanced high that throws all negative thoughts out the window. Its euphoria can help individuals suffering from depression and PTSD.

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Alien OG has mind-bending characteristics that will take you on an adventure anywhere you go, but it’s often enjoyed with nature hikes, great music, and awesome friends. The delicious flavour and happy euphoria will always equal the best times.

27 reviews for Alien OG

  1. taz24

    Solid high and good looking buds, recommend!

  2. Yordop

    Highly recommend, great smoke and buzz!

  3. goodhew.michael

    Great lookin buds, nice aroma and a very stable high 👍

  4. Thisistim

    Wow. Buy it!

  5. tripaces420

    Nice effects, solid smell but the taste is a bit off. Not in a bad way, just a not-so-kushy kinda way, that’s all. Still delectable as all hell!

  6. grady

    very good smoke! highly recommend.

  7. grady

    very good smoke! highly recommend.

  8. george.aoun22

    Very dry and burned quick but the effects were worth it I would say.

  9. westcoastswag

    I quite like the effects of this one but the flavor isn’t my favorite.

  10. jpiercy10

    Great bud would reccomend

  11. The Dope Man

    These bien!

  12. mikebikehd.md

    bon pour continuer à faire ses tâches, juste assez quand ont veux pas trop se buzzer.

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