Alien OG

THC 25-28%CBD 0-1%


Alien OG provides equal parts cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation to give an otherworldly experience! With upwards of 28% THC, Alien OG does not mess around! You won’t just get sky high. You’ll be transported to outer space!


Earn up to 280 Points.

Alien OG Strain Information

Alien OG is an out of this world Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It is derived from parent strains Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Originally from California’s Bay Area, this heavy-hitting hybrid is as excellent for its euphoric, uplifting cerebral effects as it is for its relaxing, physical properties! It’s an all-in-one solution for whatever your weed needs may be! If you’re looking for a mood-boosting strain to feel energized, creative, and at ease, Alien OG is the strain for you. 


Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

A cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, Alien OG buds are packed in small, nugget-like clusters. While the flowers are often dense and compact, some phenotypes lean more sativa with fluffier, looser leaves. Alien OG leaves are a beautiful light green offset by stunning orange to vibrant red pistils. 

With a THC content ranging from 20-28%, this strain can be incredibly resinous. They are blanketed in a terrific coating of tremendous trichomes that make them appear moist like they’ve been dipped in delicious icing sugar. That’s not the only thing that’s sweet about this strain, though.

Alien OG’s flavor is surprisingly sweet. It has a citrusy smell with notes of tart lemon coming up from the cured buds. There are also subtle notes of earthy fresh pine to delight and entice the senses. When combusted, this strain gives off a spicy, hash-like scent distinct to the OG family. 

The smoke is smooth with hints of hash incense or faint ammonia on the exhale. The smoke is pungent and likely to linger for a while even after it’s been smoked. This is critical to note if you’re looking for something more discreet. This dank strain is as powerful as it is attention-grabbing, which only heightens the overall smoking experience

The high that comes from Alien OG is potent and amazing. Effects start quickly and tackle you with a rush of racing thoughts and a heightened sense of happiness and excitement. The intensity of these cerebral effects will depend on the individual user’s tolerance level

Once the euphoric effects are in full swing, it can take on psychedelic proportions. It produces visual distortions like enhanced colors or peripheral flashes. There is also the trippy sensation of time moving slower. But that’s okay. It just gives you more time to enjoy these amazing effects! It also promotes feelings of spectacular creativity

Physical relaxation will set in as the high progresses or as you consume higher quantities. One of the best things about this strain is that it can be as energetic or as relaxing as you want it to be. You can enjoy it in social settings with friends just as much as vegging by yourself at home.

The well-balanced high that Alien OG produces is ideal for multiple medical applications. It can help you combat and conquer depression and anxiety due to its euphoric and mood-boosting properties. Alien OG is also excellent for relieving muscle aches and chronic pain, and even nausea. It can also be useful in eliminating insomnia and lulling users into a comfortable, deep sleep. However, due to its heavily psychoactive properties, Alien OG can sometimes lead to paranoid thinking in inexperienced tokers or individuals prone to anxiety when taken in large amounts. So, it is crucial to watch your dose intake with a strain with such high concentrations of THC! 

Keyword Strain Medical Benefits

Depression, Anxiety, Stress-Relief, Chronic Pain, Nausea, Insomnia

9 reviews for Alien OG

  1. nosoup4u (verified owner)

    This was 5/5 for sure. Great for smoking out of anything (bong, joint, vape) and it’s entered my top 10 faves as well. If this goes on sale, don’t hesitate. Even at full price this was a great smoke.

  2. MistaFlush (verified owner)

    We just loved this stuff, a really heavy hitter. Great end-of-the-day smoke. Favorite!

  3. yanostyle (verified owner)

    Recommand it for sure !!
    Tasty and great Feel 🙂

  4. dylanfroese.2 (verified owner)

    Beautiful nugs, nice smell, just dank, great quality bud

  5. upowlnightt (verified owner)

    I purchased some Alien at the beginning of the month and just finished my last bud of it today. I tried to sit on it for as long as I could because the taste and high is just incredible. I really hope this stuff has a decent sale sometime, if not totally worth the price anyways. Perfect night time smoke. Can’t wait to get more!

  6. Tbag (verified owner)

    Nice for relaxing on a day off

  7. upowlnightt (verified owner)

    Very nice chrystally dense buds, potent taste. Highly recommend

  8. nativebeauty420.xo (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this so much! Buds were nicely sized 🙂 great smoke

  9. mitchels (verified owner)

    Very nice! Stay close to the couch for this one!

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