Black Diamond

THC 22-24%CBD 0-1%


This laugh-inducing and mood enhancing Indica always guarantees a great night in with friends. This fun social strain is a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG and will ensure you have the giggles and plenty of social fun times.


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Black Diamond Strain Information

Black Diamond is no diamond in the rough, it’s the full package! As a hybrid strain, Black Diamond combines the best of both worlds. Bringing only good vibes to the table, this strain’s vivid coloured buds are great for not only spreading smiles but alleviating pain, too! 


Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Black Diamond is a laugh-inducing, mood-enhancing Indica that guarantees a great night. This relaxing, social strain is a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG and will ensure fun times! The buds are like gemstones – dark green and purple in colour, covered by dark orange hairs and sparkling white crystals. Some varieties might even have dark, purpled hued foliage! On the surface, frosty-white trichomes cover the buds,  creating a truly sparkling gem.

With THC content ranging between 18%-24%, the Black Diamond strain is famous for its “kick-you-in-the-face” buzz and quick sedation. Black Diamond is also the perfect choice for pain relief and nausea. Smoke this at nighttime for the best sleep of your life. But those who just want to kick back on the couch and watch movies will also love the smooth body and clear-headed high given by Black Diamond.

On the nose, you’ll be able to smell the juicy aroma of fresh berries. Nuttiness and earthiness follow suit, combining together to create a farm-fresh smell. Taste-wise, Black Diamond is smooth. Reminiscent of rich oak and berries, the thick flavour will stick to your tongue and have in want of more! The soothing body buzz is ideal for treating chronic stress, pain, and insomnia. Plus, whether you choose to vape or smoke, the flavorful red wine taste and smooth smoke make it a joy to hit. You should expect to get the munchies and a little cottonmouth. It’s a small price to pay for such a relaxing and enjoyable high! If this sounds like a strain for you, you can order Black Diamond right now for delivery!

It’s a good choice for relieving tension in the muscles and mind as well as helping to treat nausea. For most, hunger will arise, so be sure and have some stoner foods or a meal on hand. For some, giggles may ensue!


Black Diamond Medical Benefits

Depression, Appetite Stimulation, Anxiety, Sedation,

15 reviews for Black Diamond

  1. fry420x (verified owner)

    Good buzz, heavy sedative.

    Feels sticky despite being fully dry. Rich earthy smell, very nice.

  2. dawson_trotman-5201 (verified owner)

    3.5 would be fair, nothing special for me but a fair deal if u find it on a flash deal 🙂

  3. estee-63 (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable and potent smoke lol good strain

  4. pelehoscrystal (verified owner)

    Diamond . Black diamond. Not bad product

  5. Litapita68 (verified owner)

    Not bad, didn’t last that long though.

  6. waynewilbz123 (verified owner)

    not bad stuff burns good in j’s and get’s you a good buzz

  7. ristautiffany (verified owner)

    Nice flower, not dry. Smell was pungent and fruity. The taste when smoked was a full mouth coating. Slight pasties and lovely high.

  8. Emanuelgianfriddo (verified owner)

    Very nice buzz with a skunky smell

  9. sherry.bob.bennett (verified owner)

    not one of the stronger buzzes, but tasty and worth the price

  10. OGKUSHMASTER (verified owner)

    like its named !!! purrfect

  11. b-s07 (verified owner)

    Gave a nice buzz

  12. liz.macqueen19 (verified owner)

    Nice buzz, lovely aftertaste that reminds me of a sweet mint

  13. kRammyz (verified owner)

    As described

  14. mandy_emily (verified owner)

    Pretty decent bud for the cheaper stuff can’t go wrong with the price nice smoke for winding down after workin late nights.

  15. starrynightet (verified owner)

    Not the greatest but not that bad at all for the price. Does give you a nice buzz, not as potent but will purchase again.

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