Blue Cheese

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You can smell this Blue Cheese strain from miles away. The aroma does remind you of actual cheese but it is also mixed with some fruity blueberry-like notes. After a hectic week, all you need is some of this for the perfect weekend getaway.


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Blue Cheese Strain Information

Blue Cheese is one of those weed strains that has withstood the test of time. It’s been over 2 decades since its birth, yet this strain still surges in popularity for the unique and flavorful experience it provides.

This beautiful strain is made by crossing Blueberry strain with an original UK Cheese female. It is easily one of the most popular strains among cheese-weed lovers. 

Generally, the cheese family of cannabis reminds you of the actual cheese it’s named after. However, when it comes to the Blue Cheese strain, things go astray from the traditional cheesy expectations. Instead, this strain tastes fruity and sweet. 

The hybrid is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa strain. Owing to its Indica-dominant composition, it offers a great relaxation to users. It’s not only a hit among recreational users but especially to medical cannabis patients. 


Blue Cheese has a unique, distinct, and intriguing aroma. You can smell it from miles away, and it’s easily noticeable. The aroma does remind you of actual cheese, mixed with some fruity blueberry-like notes. It also has an earthy smell with hints of peppercorn in its fading aroma. 


Flavor-wise, the Blue Cheese strain is extremely delectable and far from the pungent and sour taste of the actual cheese. It features a delicious blend of fruity taste notes that is more apparent as you inhale your joint. Then, an earthy and musky flavor kicks in as you exhale. 


Blue Cheese has a shiny appearance with yellow-green flowers. The buds are resin-coated and appear bluish-purple in color, with crystal-like leaves covered in trichomes. Not forgetting, this strain has orange pistils that are vibrant in color.

Blue Cheese Strain Effects

Heavily Indica-dominant strains are known for their deep relaxation and sedation effects. However, the Blue Cheese strain doesn’t hit you as hard as other traditional Indica’s. Instead, it will gently transfer you to a state of total calmness, relax your body, and offer several therapeutic advantages.

One of the notable effects of the Blue Cheese strain is how it makes you feel relaxed almost instantly. In this regard, this cannabis strain is great for unwinding after a long day at work. You can also expect to feel uplifted and happy, as the mild euphoric buzz takes control of your body and mind.

As far as medical benefits are concerned, the Blue Cheese strain can help manage symptoms of traumatic stress, insomnia, depression, pain, and muscle spasms.



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To sum up, the high caused by Blue Cheese won’t hit you like bricks. Instead, it will flutter throughout your entire body, almost like a sweet lullaby lulling you to a world of deep relaxation. After a hectic week, all you need is a sweet doobie to have the ultimate weekend getaway to the land of Zen. 

10 reviews for Blue Cheese

  1. Lillie203

    I really like this strain too. It gives me a chilling vibe and I sleep all night.

  2. Mr.420

    That smell. What an amazing strain. Definitely a weed that helps me sleep

  3. cdath1987

    Ran out of UK cheese so ordered this while on sale. Wish i grabbed 4 more at that price. Nice buds, DANK as fuck, really pungeant smell which i like, and definitely helps with sleep and appetite. As the profile says. Definitely has a THICK smoke so ease up if youre a bong toker, I just like my blunts but still had me gaggin AAAA

  4. alagesont

    heady and powerful

  5. rbmckenna

    Good strain – very potent and i found the effects to be slow building.

  6. boum78

    Love this blue cheese!!! One of the best strain!! Buzz like a hammer!!!

  7. stamos_chris

    one of the best for me hands down. I love blue cheese. It rocks me and its tasty and i knowww you will enjoy it.

  8. ag-jones

    First time trying this strain…and wow!! Love it! Be aware it’s very strong so don’t go crazy the first time.

  9. kaaatrinavu

    This is one of my favourites! Great for maxin relaxin at the end of your day. Good for pain relief and melting into your bed.

  10. joseer80

    Great for pain and to chill on the couch.

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