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When you thought you’d seen the best of the OG Kush family, a new challenger arrives, Bubba OG.

The Bubba OG strain is the heavy-hitting offspring of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and OG Kush. This Indica is quickly gaining recognition as the cream of the crop for “punch you in the face” strains. 

Produced by Dr. Greenthumb, the Canadian cannabis legend, OG Bubba lives up to the hype.



Bubba OG looks like your typical Indica with its dense bud structure. Don’t throw these nugs around, or you may break a window!

But in all seriousness, this is a lovely smelling strain. It features a heavy dose of citrus aromas, as well as herbal and sweet fragrances. Most note a hint of spice, but the other scents usually subdue it.

If you’re in the market for a strain that hits you with a pungent flavour, look no further. Gas prices may be high, but OG Bubba’s  aren’t.


Bubba OG Effects + Benefits

As mentioned, this stain hits you like a tonne of bricks. Most Indica’s don’t set in right away, but this one takes the express lane. 

Minutes after inhaling an inebriating body-stone takes over. Set up a blanket and a pillow, because the moment you let your guard down, you’re glued to the seat. 

While this may seem like it’s counter-intuitive to productivity, it does the opposite. the high settles in with a wave of focus, giving you the patience and presence of mind to complete homework, finalize a proposal or add the finishing touches to a blueprint. 

If none of these are on the docket, enjoying a book or movie is just as good.

Thanks to the sedative powers, it makes for an ideal medicinal strain. It curbs chronic pain, headaches, inflammation and insomnia. Not only does it alleviate the aforementioned, but it also helps patients with Fibromyalgia.

Bubba OG hits like a haymaker from Mike Tyson, are you ready to get knocked out?


Up to 25-27% THC

Flavours:  Sweet, Earthy, Pungent

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Euphoric, Hungry

Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Lack of Appetite


25 reviews for Bubba OG

  1. henryicecakes (verified owner)

    happy with the price, but not so happy with the quality. good resin and good smoke but wasn’t as smooth as hoped it would be. Nowhere as good as the pink kush ounce i bought. This was more expensive as well. ended turning this Bubba OG Kush into the most live resin ever. Overall, not the best sale you’ve had but 5 star for customer service

  2. fredsinatraaa (verified owner)

    Bubba OG Kush is a great option when in need of relief from chronic stress and anxiety. I was quite satisfied with my order. Had more potent Bubba OG before but a dollar saved is a dollar earned, and i’m happy with the quality for the price i paid

  3. alexas (verified owner)

    Made me more lively and joyful every-time i’ve smoked it. treats my depression. Loving the sweet and pungent smell.

  4. smellynuggets (verified owner)

    A really nice alternative to many of the other indica’s. this one is a better for evening smoke. nice relaxed body high

  5. Dkingofthewest (verified owner)

    Nice strong earthy flavors, but a little bit more woody then i’ve had before. Good for bong hits. Pack a bowl and hit it with your water bong and it’ll hit you right in the head lol

  6. trinitybandz780 (verified owner)

    got this stuff on a sale and it was definately a good deal for the price!

  7. renegaderay (verified owner)

    It’s smooth and mellow in small amounts. Bubba OG Kush strain was exactly what i needed to help me relax at night

  8. truenorthstar (verified owner)

    Great strain with a decent potency on it.. Tastes ok but for the price you can’t go wrong!!

  9. Otis1738 (verified owner)

    I found this to be quite useful in the middle of the day, although I probably wouldn’t
    consider it to be the best choice for morning medicating. Reduces my stress level and
    gives me a happy and relax feeling all day long.

  10. racingstripejoeboxers (verified owner)

    Overall, I would say that this Bubba OG Kush strain is a great option for stress and pain relief later
    in the day. Keep up the great deals!

  11. millymontana (verified owner)

    Nice sized nugs with some decent smell. Packed a full bowl and still got baked as expected. Although not so much of a head high, it really relaxes and chills you out. good for an evening time smoke

  12. scall****[email protected] (verified owner)

    This stuff is horrible… not even worth the low price. Very little woodsey smell and it tastes like dirt weed. The buzz in almost non-existent and I was smoking way more than usual. This was my first order from Herb Approach and it will be my last.

  13. updowngun (verified owner)

    strong cerebral effects. 7/10 smoke. a bit ashy, but still potent as expected

  14. likenou (verified owner)

    was hesistant about the other reviews on this Bubba OG but tried it anyways on a sale. upon using it i feel super relaxed. good deal for the price.

  15. meowzymcderms (verified owner)

    as with any kush it’s suitable for helping you with your lack of appetite and will assist you if you have problems sleeping. i bought this stuff on sale and it was everything i expected. i usually smoke a fatty of this every evening right after work.

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