Build Your Own Ounce

$220.00 $190.00

Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce.

Each Strain Comes with 7 Grams of Flower

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Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce.

Each Strain Comes with 7 Grams of Flower



371 reviews for Build Your Own Ounce

  1. bonasera99 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this option. Great having different strains for different activities.

  2. mikegpc (verified owner)

    Great opportunity to test some options and stock up on previously tried and liked stuff. Really like the quality, and the flavour profiles are excellent

  3. st.crotty (verified owner)

    Great option for experimenting!

  4. Adrien (verified owner)

    14 grams of Lamb’s Bread, 7 grams of Critical Kush and Ghost Train Haze for $180.00…incredible! 🙂 Thanks HA!

  5. ABC123 (verified owner)

    Love the mix and match deals!

  6. kducharme (verified owner)


  7. Bobby Lion (verified owner)

    Love the ability to choose from an amazing variety and for a descent price.

  8. numerouno26 (verified owner)

    Always a great deal at $180, less so at 220$ but that’s still not bad if there’s a good selection.

  9. bonasera99 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this option! Nice to have separate strains. Sativa for the hikes and indica for the night. Death bubba is an awesome choice if you’re looking for heavyweight. Treasure island is a great sativa.

  10. ncsiding (verified owner)

    Great choice when the selection is there. Waiting patiently for white widow, master kush, treasure island and herijuana to arrive.

  11. Happy! (verified owner)

    Good variety!

  12. brendencarey (verified owner)

    Always great product! The grape crush is amazing smells like a grape candy

  13. pthepanda (verified owner)

    always a good option

  14. Yierba (verified owner)

    Great deal !

  15. MistaFlush (verified owner)

    This is a great deal, nice to try a few different strains at a reasonable price.

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