Build Your Own Ounce

$220.00 $190.00

Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce.

Each Strain Comes with 7 Grams of Flower

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Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce.

Each Strain Comes with 7 Grams of Flower



367 reviews for Build Your Own Ounce

  1. jeyro917 (verified owner)

    Great selection and overall a great deal for quality bud at a budget price!

  2. redironbrandon (verified owner)

    Mostly always good choices on buds And at such a great price for you to adjust your ounce the way you would like!

  3. Lik (verified owner)

    Great for variety and price!!

  4. J SMITH (verified owner)

    Amazing deal…!

  5. dillonwilliam1 (verified owner)

    It is really enjoyable having a selection to choose from when smoking but I found the quality varied between bud even tho they all rated triple A

  6. stilsonlee (verified owner)

    Having a variety is the best always great selections 👍🏻

  7. ZoLaPey (verified owner)

    Love the option of picking different strains and there’s a lot to choose from

  8. Tanner Atkins (verified owner)

    Love the choices and the price!

  9. Tanner Atkins (verified owner)

    Favorite purchase on here!

  10. stilsonlee (verified owner)

    Great 👍🏻 choice enjoying new strains

  11. stilsonlee (verified owner)

    Introduced to two new strains totally satiated

  12. deltanine71 (verified owner)

    Worth it when it’s on sale. Who doesn’t like variety?

  13. st.crotty (verified owner)

    The biggest problem with this deal is picking only 4 strains! 1st world problems, lol

  14. Slowhands (verified owner)

    What else could you ask for.?? 4 strains of your choice . Took me an hour to pick mine. All great quality with different effects. Gotta love having the variety ! Can’t go wrong .

  15. jeyro917 (verified owner)

    Great deal when it’s at 220 but even better when @190, thanks HA!

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