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CBD Tincture – Solvent Free (Green Island Naturals)


CBD Tincutre is a great way to medicate discreetly and on the go. Made from food grade organic hemp flowers. Using only alcohol free carrier oils such as MCT and Olive oil. 

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CBD Tincture is a great way to medicate discreetly and on the go. Made from food grade organic hemp flowers. Using only alcohol free carrier oils such as MCT and Olive oil. Green Island Naturals combines science with an intimate knowledge of plant based medicines to build on healing traditions started by our ancestors long ago. Science in the end has brought us back to where we came from, back to our roots.

A full dropper contains 1 ml (12 mg of CBD). First time users should start with no more than half a dropper and wait up to 2 hours before consuming more. Slow and Steady.

180mg / 15ml per bottle

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12 reviews for CBD Tincture – Solvent Free (Green Island Naturals)

  1. bjoseph003 (verified owner)

    Not too bad if you have a chaser.
    Good for pain.

  2. riverdale30 (verified owner)

    I tried this first and the quality was very good. I have since switched to Mary’s tinctures just because they are more affordable. This works great though.

  3. cormierf5 (verified owner)

    My cervical vertebrae are in very bad shape due to osteoarthritis, the rest of my body is spondiloarthritis. For the first time in a veeery long time I have relief from the pain. I started with half a dropper as recommended, guess what? 20 minutes, and bye bye pain!! Effect lasted 8 hours for me.
    Just amazing! ?love it!

  4. mcgimpsey.amy (verified owner)

    First time taking cbd oil and I love it. Felt really relaxed, and had the best sleep of my life about 5 days into taking it consecutively a couple hours before bed.

    I also haven’t had a migraine in over a week! The taste is very light and I have recommended this product to everybody I know.

  5. Elton (verified owner)

    This is very good for alleviating my knee pain. Helps with overall mood too 🙂

  6. jggrayston (verified owner)

    Super effective at relieving pain, discreet enough and odorless, works wonders

  7. spaceoddity (verified owner)

    I LOVE this product! This is the second tincture I’ve tried, and I notice a huge reduction in my pain with this one.

    The packaging looks good, it tastes fine and the CBD really helps.

  8. murphy0829 (verified owner)

    Solid product for both myself and my arthritic dog. I add this to his treats and food and it definitely has improved his mobility and quality of life.

  9. PF (verified owner)

    Nothing had been added to mask the distinct and pleasant smell ; which I love very much. Taste is light and not overwhelming. Will buy again.

    Bottle come with a temper proof cap that appear would be very hard to fool. It is also child prood. This improve my confident level as this show the producer worked hard so the pristine unaltered product reach us.

  10. Kt (verified owner)

    Love the taste, love that it is made all natural with olive oil. If you don’t dig the flavour additives of other CBD tinctures, this one is for you! And the price is great. Love love love ?

  11. hockeygp39 (verified owner)

    Has a funny aftertaste by itself, mixed with a drink or in food will help avoid that. Otherwise works fantastic for pain and can be combined with a nice indica for an instant K.O. 🙂

  12. Roger

    Tastes pretty good for what it is. Such a good relief for my backpain.

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