Charlotte’s Web

Strains like Charlotte’s Web further prove the healing potential weed and CBD! This sativa-dominant hybrid contains little to no THC traces. But it has nearly 300 times the average CBD concentration of a recreational weed strain. Its CBD levels are between 15 and 20%! It’s all healing with no high!


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Charlotte’s Web Strain Information

Charlotte’s Web is a widely celebrated, high-CBD hybrid strain with a very heartwarming backstory. It was created by Colorado growers, The Stanley Brothers. They made it specifically for a young epilepsy patient, Charlotte Figi. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the product of crossing an unspecified strain with industrial hemp. We love to see skilled stoners using their superpowers good! This strain was made popular by news outlet CNN. Its article highlighted Charlotte Web’s effectiveness in treating Figi’s seizures. It inspired many other families to travel to Colorado in search of it.

“Charlotte is the most precious little girl in the world to me,” Josh Stanley said in the article. “I will do anything for her.”

Charlotte’s Web has inspired the creation of other high-CBD strains because of its healing effects. It has also served as a case study for the effectiveness and benefits of medical marijuana.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Charlotte’s Web is often consumed in a tincture or oil for easy administration, especially for children. That said, if you want a more traditional experience, it is also available in dry flower form. The appearance of this hemp-derived strain is strictly sativa. It has long, pointed buds with olive green leaves. It also has fewer pistils than other strains due to the low concentration of THC-covered trichomes. 

In many ways, Charlotte’s Web is not like other weed strains. However, its smell will likely be very familiar to tokers. This bud releases predictable dank, earthy and woody aromas. It has hints of pine with notes of lemon and light floral scents. Smelling Charlotte’s Web will feel like a dreamy walk through a fresh-smelling fantastic forest! 

For those who opt for a more traditional dry flower, Charlotte’s Web supplies a smooth smoke. It might taste a bit skunky on the exhale, with an underlying grassy taste due to the hemp content. Other than that, Charlotte’s Web generally combines piney, woody, and sage flavours with hints of lemon and citrus. It’s enchantingly earthy in the best way!

While Charlotte’s Web is sativa dominant, it will not likely get you high. Due to the minimal THC traces, ranging 1% and lower, the psychoactive effects are minimal to none. Most users will say that this strain’s properties are mainly physical. It produces buzzing and soothing relief that makes users feel relaxed. In terms of sativa genetics, they’re present themselves with an overall improvement in mood joined by happy, focused, and euphoric properties. This low concentration of CBD makes Charlotte’s Web ideal for both kids and adults who could benefit from the high dose of CBD. It’s all the healing with none of the ‘high’ feeling!

Charlotte’s Web’s initial purpose was to hone in on the benefits of CBD. In other words, medical uses are this strain’s time to shine! This hybrid has a high CBD to low THC ratio. So, Charlotte’s Web can help with a wide range of conditions. CBD is known to help relieve pain and decrease inflammation. These qualities help with a wide range of conditions, from temporary pain to chronic illnesses, like fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s. Charlotte’s Web also strikes the perfect balance of CBD and sativa properties. So, it’s also great for boosting mood. This makes it excellent for conditions like anxiety and depression. Of course, Charlotte’s Web also improved Charlotte Figi’s condition. This evidence supports its effectiveness in treating seizures and epilepsy in children as well as adults. 

Medical-grade Charlotte’s Web has little to no psychoactive effects. In particular, this quality makes it suitable for adult patients and children who want to avoid getting high.

Charlotte’s Web Medical Benefits

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Inflammation, Seizures


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