Chocolate Fondue

THC 17-19%CBD 0-1%

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Throw your worries, stress, and tension into the melting pot and melt them away with the Chocolate Fondue strain! A sativa-dominant hybrid with 17% THC, this strain will lift your mood, focus, and motivation with its delicious, chocolate flavour. Indulge in the decadence of Chocolate Fondue today!


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Chocolate Fondue Strain Information

There’s always room for dessert, and who could resist passing up on some dank and decadent Chocolate Fondue? Not us, which is why this 17% THC sativa-dominant hybrid is a cult classic! 

A potent cross between Chocolope and Exodus Cheese, this sweet, dessert-like strain delivers a relaxing yet energizing euphoric rush that’s hard to forget. If you’re looking for a delicious treat but don’t want the extra calories, this strain lets you have your cake and eat it, too!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Chocolate Fondue is decadence. Although it’s just a flower strain, its appearance speaks to its indulgence. Firstly, the buds are dense and cake-like. The dark-green buds mask a splattering of brown, chocolate-coloured pistils that spread out throughout the nug. A thick layer of resinous kief covers the surface, sticking to the fingers like melted chocolate. While the bag appeal of this strain is certainly striking, it’s Chocolate Fondue’s flavours and aromas that draw tokers towards it!

As its name suggests, Chocolate Fondue tastes and smells just like chocolate! Once you crack open the bag, you’ll pick up sweet notes of nutty earth and rich chocolate. Additionally, hints of pungent cheese and dark coffee also shine through, further contributing to this strain’s delicious aroma. When smoked, the aromas of this strain translate directly into its flavour. While the smoke is thick and dense, the flavours are light and creamy. Skunky chestnut, pungent cheese, and syrup caramel flavours dominate but an aromatic note of spice comes in at the end to finish the experience.

To conclude, this strain is bar-none one of the best-tasting strains available!

However, we haven’t even begun to dive into its effects! As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Chocolate Fondue delivers a focused, cerebral head high. Once you spark up and take that first toke, a rush of energy makes its way towards your head to deliver an energizing and euphoric lift. You’ll feel motivated, energized and incredibly focused. Shortly after, a relaxing and tingly body high will creep in slowly, relieving any pain, stress, or tension your body might be holding. While its THC content clocks in at a moderate 17%, this strain’s terpene profile and affects more than compensate!

Medicinal users will also enjoy Chocolate Fondue for its myriad benefits and delicious flavour. This strain’s uplifting, sativa-focused effects are great at treating depression, stress, and fatigue. It’s also effective at boosting energy and relieving stress, nausea, and anxiety!

Chocolate Fondue Medical Benefits 

Stress, Fatigue, Energy, Nausea, Anxiety

4 reviews for Chocolate Fondue

  1. candiceschick

    This is my favourite strain, enjoy the high

  2. jmdd

    Productive and Peaceful effects. Good taste.

  3. davidelliot845

    Pretty good. I have smoked chocolate fondue I liked better from other places but this is still a good weed with a good high

  4. netsin5

    Clean burn. Got it on sale so im lovin it!

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