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Chocolope is the perfect strain to start your day! Looking for energy, euphoria, and enhanced focus? This strain has got your back! Couple that with a unique and diverse aroma and flavour profile? You’re in for a distinctly dank experience from start to end!


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Chocolope Strain Information

Chocolope, sometimes referred to as Chocolope Haze, is a distinct strain in every sense! This almost entirely sativa hybrid was created by breeder DNA Genetics. It is a cross between flavourful landrace strain Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The end product is a lively, potent and invigorating sativa that has won the hearts of tons of tokers. With such uplifting effects, it’s not hard to understand why! If you’re looking for a strain that will help you focus, channel your creativity and provide you with a zing of energy to boot, Chocolope is for you!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Chocolope has long, fluffy buds that are almost oval-shaped and loosely packed. Its leaves are a daring dark green with vibrant orange pistils dancing throughout the nugs. While they can be sticky, Chocolope buds are easier to break apart and may or may not require a weed grinder.

Just a whiff of this aromatic strain will lead to love at first sniff! Chocolope smells like an enticing, mouth-watering dessert. It follows through on what its name promises, with a smooth, chocolatey fragrance. We have its parent landrace strain, Chocolate Thai, to thank for that! These scents are sure to wake up and invigorate your senses! Chocolope also has pungent dank and earthy aromas and a particular nutty scent that’s equal parts enjoyable and inviting. We’re certainly nuts about it!

Not only does this strain smell amazing, but it’s delicious to boot! The smoke from Chocolope hits smoothly. On the inhale, it’s more similar to its parent strain Cannalope Haze. It has mostly fruity flavours with hints of chocolate. On the exhale, notes of coffee, vanilla and cocoa come to the surface. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a sticky sweetness that is hard to resist!

One of the features that keeps tokers coming back to Chocolope time and time again is its excellent energizing effects. Perfect for a wake and bake scenario, Chocolope will have you rearing and ready to go to tackle the day. Some users have even given it the reputation of being better than a morning cup of coffee! This strain’s mental effects come on quickly and will make you feel incredibly motivated and focused. It’ll inspire you to tackle your to-do list and get things done! Since Chocolope is almost entirely sativa, it does not have the sedating or heavy body stone that comes with other hybrids of indicas.

If you’re worried about the cerebral effects being too strong, don’t be! The Chocolope high is thought-provoking while still allowing you to maintain a mostly clear and level head. Not only will you feel productive, but Chocolope is also an awesome strain to indulge your creative side. Its uplifting effects translate into joyous and happy euphoria. So, not only will you feel stimulated, but you’ll also feel stoked!

In terms of medical uses, the increase in focus makes Chocolope great for conditions like ADD. It’s also incredibly energizing. So, it’s fantastic for combatting fatigue. The euphoric and uplifting effects make it excellent for treating stress, anxiety, depression and even some symptoms of PTSD. While it has THC levels ranging from 19-22%, many users report that the high from this strain lasts shorter than average.

Chocolope Medical Benefits

ADD, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression Pain

28 reviews for Chocolope

  1. mckiefagan

    Chocolope was incredible. I found it one lasted long and was a great sativa stone

  2. JoséLaRacaille

    This weed gives you so much energy you’ll never regret buying this strain

  3. Jay A

    Great bud for the price, used it for making a blend with some other tasty strains

  4. ncsiding

    This popped up at the checkout for $10/3.5g. Got one to try, should of had 5-6 more. Tight buds with an energetic high that pulled my eyes deep into the sockets.

  5. patrick.viau

    Great smoke and greatly grown. Bought on sale but worth it for even the non sale price

  6. patrick.viau

    This was really good! Taste a hint of chocolate! Very well I trimmed and grown

  7. hppants

    Wasn’t as energizing as I’d hoped with my chronic fatigue, but was still a good daytime strain. Would recommend, especially on sale.

  8. daniela

    Energizing sativa, great to do things!

  9. salesse-2915

    Great strain, looks are very nice, dense and fair amount crystals, smell is nice hard to describe some hints of chocolate slight sour smell, when grinded, smells pretty fruity. Smoke is smooth, tastes of chocolate on the exhale, high is good, burns well, ash turns white, cured and dryd properly

  10. menacebusiness103

    Phenomenal. Best buds I’ve had yet on here and it was on the value menu

  11. tripaces420

    Sweet taster! Taste Reminds me of the Durban Poison strain from herb approach. Awesome wake and bake strain

  12. masterBud

    This is a fun flower to purchase. Great value. Taste is very good IMO. Huge nuggets that are tight and heavy.
    By sight it looked under an ounce. On the scale it was bang on.
    It’s a good daytime smoke so I feel the high is adequate and allows you to function. I’d consider it again.

  13. jordandsmayer1995

    Solid strain for the price, with a good trim job, could be a little more potent, but has a great taste when vaporized

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