Chronic Rocks Mix & Match


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Chronic Rocks Mix & Match lets you select 3 of your favourite Chronic Rocks for only $90!

Each jar contains a 1 gram Chronic Rock

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Chronic Rocks Mix & Match

Chronic Rocks Mix & Match lets you select 3 of your favourite Chronic Rocks for only $90! Every Chronic Rock starts off with AAAA Indica Cannabis that is rolled in delta-9 THC distillate. Once the Chronic Rock is soaked in the distillate, it’s then dipped into kief.

Each jar contains a 1 gram Chronic Rock

12 reviews for Chronic Rocks Mix & Match

  1. jeyro917

    Don’t get me wrong this will get you high as f*** and packs quite a punch but the distillate used is not my favorite and I was disapointed with Mango and Original rocks, Lemon was the better of the 3.

  2. tapatapatapa

    nice taste and high

  3. fouellet21

    i tought it was expensive but quality is there… taste good as well. I will probably buy again

  4. aP

    Saw these and had to try them asap, and am so glad that I did! Just perfect to sprinkle some onto a joint or even a bowl, and packs a heavy punch.

    Blueberry was amazing, smell was just incredible. Can’t go wrong on sale either!

  5. Lesterpoon

    lemon flavour surprisingly was my fave of the bunch. 3 for 90 was worth it

  6. spydaontheblock

    Price is on the higher end for my liking but sometimes you just got to treat yourself to something nice. Glad I tried these and I am looking forward to trying these again in the near future.

  7. MoeChedda

    only 2 flavors left in stock and i really wanted to try the strawberry. bleuberry and orginal were both fire tho

  8. Nigel.R

    These are better than moonrock as there was not so much waste. Both strawberry and blueberry were good. Original had minimal taste so this gets 4 star rating.

  9. maxbruce

    very tasty and strong at the same time. 3 for 90 bucks, cant go wrong with that

  10. zssbker

    Blueberry rocks were excellent. Sprinkled on my blunt and gave it a delightful kick.

  11. ap416

    Sensational deal. The strawberry rocks pack a heavy punch.

  12. [email protected]

    The distillate in these kicked my ass lol. Strawberry ftw

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