Critical Mass

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Indulge in complete body relaxation with Critical Mass! This indica-dominant hybrid will have you forgetting all your worries. Experience the amazement of all the stress and tension exiting your body. Only to be replaced with a beautiful full-body buzz. You’ve never felt relaxation quite like this!


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Critical Mass Strain Information

Don’t worry. The only thing critical about Critical Mass is its critical acclaim! This indica-dominant hybrid is particularly noteworthy for its CBD content, which is up to 5%. A favourite of recreational and medical users, Critical Mass is a smooth as they come! It is a rework of breeder Mr. Nice Seed Bank’s older set of genetics called Big Bud. Its parent strains are Afghani and Skunk #1. So, you know you’re in for the ultimate wind-down in the most relaxing way possible. Say so long to pain and discomfort and hello to a calm and soothing bearhug of a body buzz!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Critical Mass gets its name from its incredibly massive buds. They’re so large, in fact, they’ve been known to snap its branches in half under their hefty weight. The huge densely-packed buds are dark green and have brownish-orange hairs that poke out. Critical Mass has a coating of crystal trichomes but relatively low amounts of resin.

Critical Mass has a distinctly invigorating and refreshing fragrance. Its enticing sugary-citrus smell can fill the room! There is also a slight skunkiness to it. Thanks to its parent strain, Skunk #1. These unique aromas are coupled with a mixture of sweetness and freshly harvested honey.

With such a vibrant and inviting scent, Critical Mass’s taste is just as delicious! This indica-dominant hybrid will leave a skunky citrus flavour on your tongue upon inhaling. On the exhale, the Critical Mass smoke will be sweet and earthy.

Critical Mass’s indica-dominant genetics shine through in the best possible ways. Its effects are sweet and sedating. So, prepare for a potent body-numbing buzz. It will likely make you feel lazy and sedated. That said, many users also report uplifting cerebral effects. Critical Mass will have you feeling creative and focused. Its THC ranges between 19-22%. This hybrid’s effects typically last between 2 to 2 ½ hours, depending on the dose. Some may even find it borderline psychedelic in nature. Critical Mass is an old reliable when it comes to relaxation. This quality makes it excellent for a cozy night in watching your favourite movies. This strain is especially enjoyable for those looking for a little mood-boost. It will keep you smiling and giggly throughout the experience. When taken in higher doses, Critical Mass will lull you to sleep, but not before it demands to be fed through a rabid case of the munchies!

With its indica-dominant genetics and above-average CBD levels, Critical Mass has several medical uses. Firstly, its uplifting euphoria is excellent for treatings symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Critical Mass’s soothing and relaxing properties make it great for combatting inflammation, chronic pain, and migraines. When taken in higher doses, it is also beneficial for insomnia. Finally, its hunger-inducing effects are great for combatting nausea and lack of appetite.

With its high THC content, Critical Mass may induce paranoia and anxiety in some users when taken in higher doses.

Critical Mass Medical Benefits

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Nausea, Lack of Appetite

4 reviews for Critical Mass

  1. milath

    Pretty low in THC levels and high in CBD. A little weird but helps me come down when I’m a little too high. Great product

  2. stimwiseblog

    I love it. I tried another flower and it was too harsh for my throat and chest but this stuff isn’t. I love it. Great effects, very effective and doesn’t burn. It’s also a very pretty nugget. Would totally recommend

  3. koidhis19

    Not bad gets job done

  4. keep1rolled

    Decent! Got my appetite up for sure, gonna get this one again

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