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Death Bubba (14g Special)

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THC:  25% – 27%
CBD: > 1%
Type: 100% Indica
Batch Grade: AAA+

Quantity: 14 Grams
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Death Bubba 

Developed in beautiful, British Colombia by Vancouverite Matteo Suleyman, this potently pungent indica strain is a hallmark of Canadian cannabis connoisseurs and beyond. Created by crossing Bubba Kush and Death Star, Death Bubba is the closest thing to Star Wars’ ‘Death Sticks’ that you’ll find in this galaxy. 

Death Bubba takes you for a wild ride with a 70/30 indica-dominant ratio. With a very high THC content up to 25-27% THC, this is not for the novice user – the effects kick real hard with both a head and body buzz.  You can enjoy waves of uplifting energy and expect the chance of having psychoactive experiences.

As the high continues, you’ll be eased into a state of utter relaxation with deep introspection and spaciness that can cause you to become distant in social situations. Upon the comedown from the high, Death Bubba pulls you into a deep and peaceful sleep.


Aroma, Taste And Appearance

Death Bubba has an aroma of musky earthy pine and a taste of spicy lemon pine with a hint of pungent earth upon exhale. Sticky nugs and a strong gassy aroma is what sucks you in, while the high is what makes you a loyal fan.

The buds of this strain are colored in beautifully rich shades of green and purple and finished with a light dusting of white trichomes and short, brown hairs. Signature British Colombian temperate rainforest aromas of pine and musk permeate throughout this strain rounded off by light notes of citrus and spice. 


Medical Benefits

A little goes a long way…slap on some headphones, close your eyes and prepare for visuals in your mind’s eye. For medical users, you can be sure to combat symptoms of stress, pain and insomnia. Able to sedate its users body while elevating their headspace, this strain is ideal for alleviating stress, pain, and providing relief from inflammation

Death Bubba is great for depression and stress, due to its powerful sedative effects. You can be sure to combat symptoms of stress, pain and insomnia. Death Bubba is famous for being able to help treat chronic pain by numbing the body.  Users also report it helps with inflammation and muscle spasms. When the high settles, users report feeling completely loose from head to toe, with no distractions from pain. Many use this strain to help treat insomnia and aid them in getting a good night’s rest.


Up to 25-27% THC

Flavours:  Sweet, EarthyPungent

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy, Hungry

Medical Uses: Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Lack of Appetite, Fatigue


25 reviews for Death Bubba (14g Special)

  1. coreyalwavey (verified owner)

    Some great bud here. One of my Favorites.

  2. jpmccaffrey (verified owner)

    Best weed I’ve ever had

  3. 5Chunk (verified owner)

    Awesome smoke HA 🌲💨😎

  4. 5Chunk (verified owner)

    Death like sleep! Amazing smoke from HA 🌲 💨

  5. mikedavidson1982 (verified owner)

    Tastes and smells great! Good high.

  6. starrynightet (verified owner)

    Good stuff, got a great deal. Definitely smooth and will Zen you for the night. A+

  7. woodscratch (verified owner)

    by far the best strain on this site imo. buying more right now!

  8. upowlnightt (verified owner)

    One of my favorites.. can’t go wrong with this deal either

  9. Jb1007 (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain. Lasted well and smells amazing!

  10. KILLININTHE416 (verified owner)

    All time great strain. Belongs in the weed HOF. Great price for high potency quality bud.

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