Diamond Dust

THC 25-27%CBD 0-1%

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Diamond Dust features flavours as sharp as its namesake. Beginning with a sweet and juicy tickle of citrus on the noise, the flavour of the smoke slowly transitions into a pungent and dank Earth on the exhale with a hint of aromatic spice. Diamond Dust will elevate your state of mind into euphoria before bringing you down into the lap of cozy luxury.


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Diamond Dust is a indica-dominant hybrid strain with an appearance that will leave you speechless. This flower consists of fluffy green nugs that’re coated with tiny white crystal trichomes. The high is just as delicious as the sweet citrusy flavours, with both body and mind effects that will leave you relaxed for hours. This strain has a creeping effect that sneaks up on you before taking hold of your mind and leaving you totally lifted and slightly unfocused. Consumers have reported that Diamond Dust is known to help them with muscle spasms, anxiety, and insomnia, telling us it reduces neural activity, brings calm to the mind, and allows sleep to naturally overtake us. Diamond Dust is a great strain for those of us that want to escape reality for a couple of hours, and for anyone that needs to calm their nerves.

Up to 25-27% THC


Flavours:  Herbal, Sweet, Citrus

Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy

Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Headaches, Depression, Fatigue


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