Dragon’s Breath

THC 26-28%CBD 0-1%


With a flavor profile that’s almost mythical, Dragon’s Breath will catapult you into a fresh and stimulating high that’ll keep you on edge through its clean and energizing effects.


Earn up to 130 Points.

Dragon’s Breath Strain Information

Dragon’s Breath is a well-balanced hybrid strain that slightly leans towards the sativa side. A cross between the two legendary strains Jack Herer and Northern Lights and an unknown skunk strain thrown in, this strain has a unique, pungent and spicy scent. Expect a combination of euphoric and giggly sensations. Dragon’s Breath gives its users a slight body buzz that complements its light and clear-headed high.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Depending on the climate it was grown in, this flowers appearance may vary. It can range from dull minty green to a deeper emerald green hue with blues and purples in the mix. Though Dragon’s Breath may vary in appearance, one thing holds true. It is able to provide a nice and light high that isn’t too debilitating or heavy.

As for its aroma, Dragon’s Breath has a fruity funk mixed with aromatic spiciness and a pronounced, pungent earthiness. Besides, its flavor follows the same formula with a nice and sweet fruitiness. On the exhale, you’ll taste pungent earth tones along with a spice-fueled kick. Dragon’s Breath will leave you blowing gas!

Dragon’s Breath will hit quickly and swiftly. It begins with a cerebral high that stimulates energy levels and creativity alike. Then it allows you to knock down task after task no matter how mundane they are. During these initial phases of the high, your energy levels will peak, your mood will elevate, and your concentration will improve. It will give you the creative energy and focus to act in a productive manner.

What follows in the latter half of the high is a slow and steady descent to a more relaxed place, calming the mind while not putting the couch lock on in full effect. Luckily, these relaxing qualities aren’t potent enough to keep you from staying awake and doing anything important. However, if sleep is the desired goal, Dragon’s Breath will ease your transition into it.

With a nice balance between its sativa and indica influenced effects, Dragon’s Breath is a versatile strain that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Use this strain during the day to stimulate creativity and enhance productivity. In addition, its mild sedative properties allow it to act as a sleep aid for those struggling to fall asleep at night. Whichever direction you choose to go, each subset of effects does not sway too far into the other lane, giving Dragon’s Breath a significant amount of versatility.

For those experiencing fatigue, anxiety, or depression, Dragon’s Breath’s well-balanced effects will help elevate mood and energy levels while keeping things clear-headed and light. Or, those who have insomnia can use Dragon’s Breath as a sleep aid due to its subtle calming effects.

Dragon’s Breath Medical Benefits

Mood Elevation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression

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