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Golden Teacher Mushrooms


Golden Teacher Mushrooms is a classic strain which is named after their gold-capped appearance.


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Golden Teacher Mushrooms is a classic strain which is named after their gold-capped appearance. These shrooms are an all time favourite among the psychonaught community for its introspective, philosophical effects. Golden Teachers are a potent breed of shrooms that feature a gold-colored cap with a thin stem. Unlike other shroom varieties, these mushrooms are able to provide a more guided, educative experience, rather than a pure “trip.”

Dosage Guide:

Mild Experience: 0.75 Grams to 1.25 Grams

Medium Experience: 1.75 Grams to 2.5 Grams

Full Experience: 3 Grams to 5 Grams

57 reviews for Golden Teacher Mushrooms

  1. mphiggins25 (verified owner)

    Wife and I really enjoyed them! Went for a night time walk and giggled the whole time. Will buy again!

  2. Benny_yeah (verified owner)

    i love the giggly feeling of those ones

  3. alexrobertson (verified owner)

    SO much fun!!

  4. SNaz (verified owner)

    This was my second time trying mushrooms, but I did more than the first time (2 grams this time). It was intense and powerful. I found it to be very therapeutic.

  5. wandworld (verified owner)

    I’m 71 and have done mushrooms in my long past experiences. Approaching these mushrooms I was somewhat timid.
    Chewed one shroom…..Just as it states, its a mild high.
    Shared a few with a friend, so the company helps make it a nicer experience. I’ll try 2 the next time….It is an altered state….but we’ll see how twice as much does for me….Wish it was warmer weather, mushrooms always make me feel like being in nature.

  6. xavierali421 (verified owner)

    Use these to microdose and they work very well.

  7. Madmabes (verified owner)

    very enjoyable. i will purchase again.

  8. sutherland0704 (verified owner)

    Made tea with 3.5 grams and shared it with my wife. It was a uplifting and positive experience. For a first timer it made it comfortable to ease into before going for a trip.

  9. petethepimp_11 (verified owner)

    Nice and potent took 3.5 and had a awsome trip. Not to strong but just right.

  10. yarko96 (verified owner)

    Good buy, nice and small shrooms. easy to eat.

  11. puddleglass (verified owner)

    The mushrooms I recieved look nothing like the ones in the picture, very dark brown caps, and tons of blue throughout the stems. These are potent.

  12. coreyalwavey (verified owner)

    Very good mushrooms. Strongly recommend. Probably my favorite.

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