Gorilla Breath

THC 24-29%CBD 0-1%

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Many might call this the mother of all crosses.. After breeding Original Glue (formerly Gorilla Glue #4) with OG Kush Breath, Gorilla Breath was born! Incredibly powerful and mouth-wateringly delicious, it’s everything that we thought it would be, and then some!

This mighty indica hybrid will take you for a ride on the waves of relaxation, are you ready?



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Gorilla Breath Strain Information

Often known as the Mother of All Crosses, Gorilla Breath is a rookie’s true nightmare, especially if one doesn’t smoke moderately. Well, on the flip side – experienced cannabis users would kill for this weed! With an average THC content of about 24-29%, the Gorilla Breath strain is going to hit you real good. Imagine a silverback gorilla flooring you with its knuckles; the high caused by this strain isn’t going to be equally hard, but boy, you’ll wonder what just happened when it hits you!

Rumor has it that Humboldt County, California, the place where the strain originated from, is known as the home for a ridiculously large number of stoners. So, it goes without saying that the Humboldt Seeds Organization (the breeder of Gorilla Breath) sure knows a thing or two about marijuana. The folks at the organization took it on themselves to create an incredibly powerful strain, thereby crossing Original Glue (formerly known as GG#4) and OG Kush Breath. The resulting hybrid was an 80% Indica-dominated heavy hitter beast.


Gorilla’s breath smells nothing like its namesake, so you can relax! Ironically, this strain gives out a delectable aroma with notes of sweet vanilla bean, wood, and earth. Its aroma is pungent, so be careful where you light up this dope!


Flavor-wise, Gorilla Breath will not disappoint you either! It has a complex yet delicious flavor with notes of chocolate, pine, diesel, and fuel. Many users also call it a “dessert” strain. Quite contrary to its name! 


Gorilla Breath has a typical Indica strain appearance, with large neon green nugs covered by long orange hairs. The whole plant is further covered in crystal-like, cannabis trichomes

Gorilla Breath Strain Effects

Gorilla Breath has a celebrity strain status, packing a punch of THC that’s as high as 29%. So, if you’re a beginner, beware! The high caused by this strain will hit you quick and hard, resulting in both cerebral and physical effects. Mentally, it’ll stir feelings of euphoria and spark the desire to become a “social butterfly.” However, since it’s a heavily Indica-dominant strain, fighting that relaxation mode and sleepiness is going to be tough. But who said anything about fighting; just let this bad boy have its way with you!

Thanks to its hard-hitting buzz, Gorilla Breath is also a go-to strain for many medicinal patients. It is used for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, glaucoma, migraines, nausea, and severe headaches.

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When a strain as iconic as Gorilla Breath shows itself on your doorstep, stop everything you’re doing and welcome this beast of a strain with open arms! Considering its growing popularity among cannabis connoisseurs, it wouldn’t be long before this strain became a rare find. Go ahead and enjoy when you buy weed online because you’re in for the ride of a lifetime! 

3 reviews for Gorilla Breath

  1. bjoseph003

    Wow! What an impact this makes.
    It hits you with a left while you’re looking for the right.

  2. tripaces420

    Stinky stinky stinky. Medium size nuggets of skunky love

  3. Lindor

    Very delectable indica hybrid. Yummy diesel taste good bud indeed!!

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