Grape Crush

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The Grape Crush Strain (or Grapekrush) is an indica-heavy hybrid strain with just enough sativa to keep the high energizing and smooth. This plant was bred by DJ Short to be an outdoor grower, but with the right TLC, it delivers indoors as well. The strain comes from Blueberry parents and inherited their purple to blue coloring and their namesake berry flavor.The Grape Crush Strain plants flower in 8-9 weeks, and the buds are intended to produce a slow-moving high that relaxes the body and inspires the mind. Perfect for those who are looking for a late night smoke that wont have you pinned down to the couch.

Up to 17-19% THC


Flavours: Grape, Sweet, Berry

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric, Talkative

Medical Benefits: Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Fatigue



49 reviews for Grape Crush

  1. Scott Dalzell (verified owner)

    Smell taste looks, amazing!

  2. peekers28 (verified owner)

    Top 3 bud to order 🙂

  3. ultrahashgod420 (verified owner)

    Not my favourite

  4. carebear (verified owner)

    A nice relaxing head buzz. Good to smoke if your staying home. Made me very sleepy.

  5. ChronDoctor420 (verified owner)

    This smoked really nice great taste broke up really nice too

  6. nativebeauty420.xo (verified owner)

    Buds are perfect! So muuch purrrrple <3 Defffff one of my favs now 🙂

  7. Rhee (verified owner)

    One of my favourite pops and now weed too. What an amazing bud

  8. jamcewen88 (verified owner)

    This stuff smelled like grape drank. Covered in purp. Amazing product

  9. Spencer709 (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite. Such a great taste, a upbeat high. The buds were beautiful.

  10. Mistellma (verified owner)

    Love the sweet smell!! Another one of my favourites, I call this one my mood enhancing herb. This one will definitely brighten up your day. I continue to purchase this strain. Love it!

  11. [protected] (verified owner)

    Looks as pictured. Strong grape candy smell. If you like grape you’ll like this. Nice social bud

  12. carebear (verified owner)

    This one helped me get through the day. Didn’t make me drowsy at all. Good taste.

  13. goldy (verified owner)

    Good strain. Nice colour, but a tad bit dry. Great smell.

  14. 604hewer (verified owner)

    Smelled, smoked and felt amazing. Can’t recommend this one enough. Pair it with grape juicy jay paper and you’ll be in heaven.

    Definitely indo heavy, but in all the good ways. Super relaxing and no paranoia

  15. Altitude (verified owner)

    smelled great, taste was nice. no problem making this disappear

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