THC 18-20%CBD 0-1%


Welcome to the world of Grapefruit, the Sativa where it’s the boss and we all live by its rules. Offspring of the Cinderella 99 strain crossed with an unidentified strain, the taste is like no other.


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Welcome to the world of Grapefruit, the Sativa where it’s the boss and we all live by its rules. Offspring of the Cinderella 99 strain crossed with an unidentified strain, the taste is like no other.


Often strains get mislabeled and given a name it doesn’t deserve. Grapefruit tastes exactly like you’d expect, except 10 times better. Citrusy overtones blanket the tongue, tasting like an expensive German Radler. If you thought the taste was amazing, wait till the scent invades your nostrils. The smell is unmatched by any other bud available on the market.

A sweet and aromatic experience which tricks your brain into thinking you’ve gone face-first into a freshly picked grapefruit. For lovers of fruity strains, what else can you ask for?

Grapefruit Effects + Benefits

You’ve gathered all the supplies, your paintbrushes, easel, water and acrylics lined up and ready for an afternoon of magic. Tapping the brush in the yellow paint for the 5th time, your brain is all but stuck with its emergency brake on. Feeling a little frustrated, you put the brush back down and sigh. Maybe today’s not the right time.

Think again! The cerebral impact of grapefruit induces a highly creative field. Within moments of consuming, it’s as if the horse blinders release and the brush moves on its own. This is how art should be, simple and stress-reducing, not the opposite.

Finding a strain which is for daytime use is tough. It seems like just when you think you’ve found it, a couple of hours later you’re snoozing in the afternoon. Grapefruit has many positive facets, but its greatest weapon of all is its lack of sedation and sense of well being. Anxiety is a nonfactor and dissolves like salt in water, washing away any feeling of unease.

A great strain like this doesn’t come around every day. Walk out the doors and into life with the confidence to take over with Grapefruit.

Up to 18-20% THC


Flavours: GrapefruitCitrusSweet

Effects: HappyUpliftedEnergeticEuphoricFocused

Medical Benefits: StressDepressionFatigueHeadachesPain

20 reviews for Grapefruit

  1. lipstikcvrdmgnt (verified owner)

    By far the best I’ve smelled! Excellent bake, excellent bud!

  2. steve crisp (verified owner)

    very good will for sure buy again

  3. eastcoastherb (verified owner)

    Ive ordered this 4 times now ,always excellent medicine

  4. nativebeauty420.xo (verified owner)

    The smell, the flavour, everything about this sativa is killer! Great to smoke, the high is amazing. Highly recommended!

  5. ghoatr (verified owner)

    Yummy yummy!!!

  6. StrangerBanger (verified owner)

    Great sativa highly recommend

  7. phlups (verified owner)

    First time customer, 20+ year daily user, extremely happy. Never tried Grapefruit but am a sativa lover. Beautifully trimmed and grown. Not very caked but effective medicine none the less. Potency is solid for a daily user, gives a nice happy energetic feeling. Smells exactly like a grapefruit in the bag! Would order again.

  8. BananaMae (verified owner)

    As soon as you open this stuff you get hit by the sweet grape smell! And the taste is just as good! Loved it. Very nice sativa high, hits as soon as you smoke.

  9. Snotbubble (verified owner)

    Very, VERY, fragrant buds. Came nicely packaged, no crushed buds, no shake. Perfect humidity. Nicely trimmed. Great flavor, and effects.

  10. eastcoastherb (verified owner)

    So good I placed another order

  11. Javis24 (verified owner)

    Smell is one of the best, and a nice sativa high

  12. JimboSlice420 (verified owner)

    Placed another order just to get some of this stuff

  13. eastcoastherb (verified owner)

    Very pungunt aroma …awesome medicine

  14. Caitashley (verified owner)

    Very good taste

  15. Brandon4415 (verified owner)

    Has a sweet grape smell and taste really smooth nice looking buds bright green and busts really nice

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