Green Ribbon

THC 18-21%CBD 0-1%

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Green Ribbon is an elusive and rare perfectly balanced 50/50 sativa indica hybrid serving up balanced effects and potent highs. Delivering energy, relaxation and stress relief all in one package, this strain is not one you’ll want to pass up on if you see it on sale!


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Green Ribbon Strain Information

The Green Ribbon strain is one of those rare, unicorn strains that’s hard to find out in the wild. An almost perfectly balanced sativa and indica strain, this strain is a California native that’s popular for its genetics and amazing effects. While its origins remain unknown, Trainwreck, Green Crack and possibly even White Rhino are theorized to involved. However, while many potent strains are involved in its genetic makeup, this strain has an average THC content of 20%, making it accessible for tokers of all experience levels! With its unique terpene profile and balanced effects, this is an elusive strain you don’t want to miss out on!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

To introduce the Green Ribbon strain, we’ll start off with its appearance. With so many strains involved in its genetics, Green Ribbon takes on a bit of an unusual appearance. While the nugs themselves are medium-sized and chunky, the leaves themselves are pale-green and almost white in colour. 

A frosty layer of white trichomes covers its surface, further contributing to its ghostly appearance. A splattering of amber-coloured pistils on the surface provides some visual contrast and helps make its colours pop!

Green Ribbon is no stranger to flavour and one taste is all you’ll need to confirm that. Sweet, sour and fruity with a musky bite, this strain almost tastes like a fruit salad! 

Aroma-wise, it’s more of the same. The smell of pine trees from pinene along with grape and aromatic spice will tickle your nose and tantalize your palate. In addition to its unique terpene profile, this strain’s smoke is incredibly smooth. On the exhale, you’ll be able to feel all the flavours of this strain coat your mouth with its sweet and sour fruit flavour. No coughs here!

Finally, we come to the effects. While its THC rating is average at 20%, this doesn’t mean that the effects are subpar. On the contrary, many believe see its balanced, potent effects are one of its biggest draws! 

Effects begin with a potent, euphoria-inducing rush to the head. Delivering creativity, happiness and sociability, this cerebral effect lasts for a couple of minutes before its indica, body high effects kick in. You’ll feel the best of both worlds as your euphoria rises and your body relaxes. Be sure to go low and slow with this strain because the effects will creep up on you!

Thanks to its average THC content and balanced effects, many medical patients enjoy Green Ribbon for its accessibility. Sedative and uplifting at the same time, this strain is ideal for treating pain, headaches and even some mood disorders!

Green Ribbon Medical Benefits

Euphoria, Insomnia, Pain, Mood

3 reviews for Green Ribbon

  1. Pfkiks

    Solid overall bud. Nothing bad to say. Definitely worth trying

  2. CowboyJ

    It was ok but nothing to write home about

  3. salesse-2915

    Slightly above average hybrid bud, Smoke it alright, high is alright, pretty clean

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