THC 8-10%CBD 11-13%


If you’re seeking a healing strain to help your mind and body feel good, Harlequin is where it’s at! This sativa-dominant hybrid contains 11-15% CBD. Harlequin is the perfect strain for boosting mood and mellowing the mind without feeling too high.


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Harlequin Strain Information

If you’re looking for a sativa with high CBD content, Harlequin is a must-try! Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It is the chill child of parents Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss landrace sativa strains and a Nepali indica. The strain shares its name with the brightly patterned costumes of traditional Italian clowns. That’s because its genetics is its own kind of unique pattern! 

Harlequin is loved for energizing and uplifting effects. The high CBD concentration balances everything out perfectly. This strain is perfect for providing a blissful experience without a heavy stoner high. 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Harlequin has medium-sized buds. They are tight and densely packed. The leaves are medium green with pistils that range in colour from orange to a vivid red. Harlequin buds are typically covered in sticky white trichomes. 

Harlequin has a sweet smell that will fill the room! It doesn’t have a particularly strong aroma, but its earthy scent is delightful and pleasant. When cured properly, the buds give off a musky smell with underlying traces of tropical fruit. 

When burnt, Harlequin smoke has a strong herbal flavour. Its beautiful creamy, woody taste will invigorate your senses! Users can also expect just a hint of spice and flavours of mango and citrus when inhaled. 

Harlequin has a high CBD content and relatively low THC levels. So, it won’t necessarily get you super high. However, it’s not without its charms! The CBD counteracts the psychoactive elements of THC. Since it’s sativa-dominant, it will make you feel wonderfully happy and uplifted! 

Harlequin is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a good mental release without feeling tired. This strain is relaxing and helps curb stressed-out, anxious thoughts. It also helps you stay focused! Users love Harlequin because they can remain 100% functional. This quality makes it an excellent choice for a wake and bake to feel productive and creative. 

Because it has such high levels of CBD, Harlequin is a staple strain in the medical marijuana world. It is super-effective for pain relief and fighting inflammation. As such, it’s great for treating headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and nerve and joint pain. With its mood-enhancing properties, Harlequin is also excellent for treating anxiety and depression. It can also help with nausea.

Harlequin Medical Benefits

Pain, Headache, Migraine, Inflammation, Depression, Anxiety, Nausea

19 reviews for Harlequin

  1. cormierf5

    Taste really great, and has a very happy and creative effect on me. The flowers are a little small but good looking. This strain will have me back for more. Should have bought more…. 😉

  2. wilkinsnicole87

    One of my favourites. Super mellow and happy.

  3. justinpeck27

    Really good stuff

  4. sab_olivier

    Very good! Helped me a lot with my anxiety

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