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If it’s potency you’re after, Headband is just what the doctor ordered! With high THC levels and stunning cerebral effects, this indica-dominant hybrid is a can’t miss. The strong head high and sedating physical effects will have you feeling all kinds of excellent. Engage your mind and heal your body with a healthy dose of Headband!


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Headband Strain Information

Not just a trendy fashion accessory, Headband has all the makings of an iconic indica-dominant hybrid. From its visually stunning bag appeal to its perfectly potent effects. Headband is sure to be running through your head all day!

This heavenly hybrid is the cross between legendary parent strains OG Kush, Master Kush and Sour Diesel. If those aren’t rockstar genetics, we don’t know what is! This luxury lineage makes for a potent hybrid strain, boasting THC levels from 20 to 27%! Each of these high rollers is a heavy-hitting indica with its own unique characteristics. Mix them all together? It’s a recipe for success!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

There’s no denying that Headband has some serious bag appeal. Put simply. It’s gorgeous! The buds are small and nugget-like. The Headband leaves are an even and pleasant pale green. However, some plant phenotypes may contain varying shades of purple. As you’d expect from a hybrid strain with such high THC levels, the Headband flowers are covered in silvery-white trichomes that are sticky to the touch. In this way, the buds are pretty tough to break apart without using a weed grinder.

That said, Headband isn’t just another pretty face! It also smells divine! This strain has a sweet yet pungent aroma that is distinctly lemony. The bud is extremely fragrant and will likely take over the entire room. With lineage from parent strain Sour Diesel, Headband also has a distinct diesel undertone that may linger in the air. Users can also expect a shock of earthiness to it. When it comes to its flavour, Headband is in a league of its own! This hybrid is known for its sweet lemon flavour. It also has a creamy note that sets it apart. When smoked, Headband leaves a tangy citrusy yet earthy flavour in your mouth, with just a hint of fresh lavender.

The smoke from Headband is surprisingly smooth, with a rounded, creamy mouthfeel.

Some people believe that Headband gets its name after headband-wearing hippies. In reality, its name comes from the sensation of pressure that users feel around their temples when smoking it. This feeling occurs as the strain’s high THC levels dilate blood vessels in the face. Headband effects come on slowly, with some users stating that you may not notice it for up to 20 minutes after consuming.

The high itself produces a spacey, foggy sensation in the head. It also causes a physically weighty feeling that spreads throughout the body. In other words, don’t make any plans, because couchlock is coming your way! Headband is an ideal strain for kicking back and participating in passive activities, like watching movies or listening to music. It’s also fantastic to get in touch with your creative side. Its ability to create a sensation of feeling outside your body also makes Headband a potential aphrodisiac. You know what that means! Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

In terms of medical uses, Headband has quite a few! Its powerful sedative properties serve as a fantastic remedy for depression and anxiety. In large enough doses, it’s also great for treating insomnia. Headband is also known to make users feel hungry, making it excellent for appetite stimulation. With its uplifting effects, this hybrid is also effective for tackling stress.

It’s worth mentioning that the high from Headband is said to last longer than average, even in users with higher THC tolerances.

Headband Medical Benefits 

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Headaches, Appetite Stimulation

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  1. Yordop

    Was nice to get reacquainted with this strain. Great for unwinding at the end of the day

  2. pelehoscrystal

    Super nice cannabis!

  3. thomas.f

    My highschool favorite. Headband is always good

  4. missdeleuze

    nice and effective!

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