Hooti THC Distillate Pen Cartridge Mix and Match

$150.00 $120.00

Enjoy 3 of your favourite Hooti Vaporizer Pen Cartridges for only $120! Save $30 and stock up on Refills!

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Enjoy 3 of your favourite Hooti Vaporizer Pen Cartridges for only $120! Save $30 and stock up on Refills! Each Cartridge has a universal 510 threading which contains 1 gram of Hooti’s Premium THC Distillate.

ATTENTION* Please prime cartridge before using to avoid a burnt or off flavour. Simply take 5 long, 5 second pulls without pressing the power button.

NOTICE: These vape pens do NOT contain Vitamin E Acetate, PG, VG, MCT or any other additives. Only organic terpenes.

Available Strains:

  • God’s Green Crack
  • King Kush
  • Hawaiian Cookies
  • Green Crack
  • Afghan Kush
  • Trainwreck
  • Purple Kush
  • Sour Tangie
  • Death Bubba
  • Wedding Cake
  • Pennywise (CBD)
  • Harlequin (CBD)

249 reviews for Hooti THC Distillate Pen Cartridge Mix and Match

  1. Trevor C (verified owner)

    Such a great taste and the buzz hits perfectly! So happy with my purchase, will be a repeat customer.

  2. haydenwaymouth (verified owner)

    Received the 3 cartridges and unfortunately one of them, named Strawberry Cough was leaking at the base of the tank due to a crack in the glass, and won’t be useable. However, I was able to get $40 store credit to HA and the other two cartridges have been working very well!

  3. Nutella (verified owner)

    So good! Strong and delicious the one thing I will say tho is that the Hawaiian Cookies tastes like plant very very earthy! Gods green crack is great and Pink death will knock you out lol- so be careful – Will purchase again and try the other flavours!

  4. aniisharaj (verified owner)

    Very good product. Would definitely recommend

  5. emanuliak (verified owner)

    Good price, good taste, don’t leak!

  6. vanessar22 (verified owner)

    Pretty good, no leak for this kind yet

  7. Pfkiks (verified owner)

    Love these

  8. keshlalish (verified owner)

    i can’T give this a 5 star.
    mine taste like humid grass, maybe it’s a bad batch or something, however they do buzz.
    effect is good, however i had to turn up the W on my vape to get the desired effect.

  9. tayadawn7 (verified owner)

    Very good product, would recommend.

  10. ehildebrand1998 (verified owner)

    When I got the package two of the mouth pieces were bent and the other one leaked distillate from the bottom. Packaging was what caused the mouth pieces to bend.

  11. grady (verified owner)

    these are so good for a nice sneaky hit when you need to be a little stealth!

  12. bryan.amerongen (verified owner)

    Awesome. They are smooth, taste good and haven’t had one leak.

  13. 4moores (verified owner)

    Great for having a draw without drawing attention. The last 3 pack ordered one leaked and one threads where mushroomed unable to use. first issues though out of many carts .

  14. jack.fshr13 (verified owner)

    great pens, very clean and nice pulls. nice high off all 3 I tried. Green Crack, Trainwreck and Death Bubba.
    Trainwreck being my favourite.

  15. scootermcgee84 (verified owner)

    Love these pens. Good, clean hits and really good value.

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