LA Chocolate

THC 20-28%CBD 0-1%

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LA Chocolate has high society written all over it, literally! Indulge in soothing relaxation and a burst of euphoric creativity. It’s even effective for spicing things up in the bedroom!


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LA Chocolate Strain Information

With a name like LA Chocolate, you know you’re in for some serious star power! This indica-leaning hybrid is a cross between indica strain LA Confidential and sativa Chocolope. As a result, we have a flavourful, potent hybrid that’s the best of both worlds! If that’s not enough to draw you in, its smooth, chocolatey flavour surely will! LA Chocolat has a THC content between 22 and 29%, so it’s as potent as it is playful.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

La Chocolat has medium to large buds that look like adorable little pine trees. In other words, they’re broad at the base and pointy at the top. Additionally, the flowers have a typical indica structure. The dense leaves are tightly packed together. The leaves are a medium olive green colour. Poking throughout are vibrant orange pistils. Its appealing aesthetic is capped off with translucent white trichomes. This feature makes the buds difficult to break up without a weed grinder.

In French, ‘chocolat’ means exactly what you’d think it does. So, it’s no surprise that LA Chocolat smells and tastes amazing! This is doubly true thanks to its fragrant undertones of mocha and roasted chestnuts. When busted apart, this strain floods the air with a scent of freshly picked lemons. LA Chocolat brings back the trend of chocolate-flavoured strains. That said, it adds its own unique, modern twist! Users can expect blends of cocoa and undertones of energizing caffeine. The rich coffee and chocolate-flavoured smoke is enhanced with slight hints of citrus. The smoke itself leaves a sweet yet earthy aftertaste.

Even though it’s indica-leaning, the high starts in the head. You’ll likely experience a slight throbbing pressure around the forehead and temples. Users will likely also feel a subtle euphoria. With each toke of LA Chocolat, this feeling will grow stronger.

Eventually, it will occupy your mind completely. Once it does, good luck wiping that big ol’ smile off your face!

To casual users, this uplift can enhance creativity and focus. A feeling of relaxation joins the pleasurable LA head high. Users will feel a pleasant tingle roll down their neck extending to their core and limbs. It’s a calming sensation without knocking users out. The combination of mental and physical effects makes LA Chocolat awesome for activities like exercise. However, it’s also excellent for more intimate scenarios, if you know what we mean! All these effects make LA Chocolat a prime daytime strain. That said, it’s better suited to the afternoon because of its slow comedown.

LA Chocolat also has multiple medical uses! Its ability to help with creativity and focus makes it excellent for ADD and ADHD. Patients also use it to treat mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression. The relaxing properties of LA Chocolat are also great for pain relief and insomnia.

LA Chocolat Medical Benefits 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms

43 reviews for LA Chocolate

  1. stefantiplea

    Got this for 59$ an ounce on a flash sale , took 2 ounces , what and amazing deal this weed is amazing, even for the full price of 130$ this weed still kicks ass.

  2. patrick.viau

    This was really good! I found it really smooth and great high! Bought on sale so it made it more of a steal ! Must try!

  3. robertchampagne2007

    Good buzz,tasty’but a little harsh at times’but a patato peal does the trick to bring back the freshness

  4. realpale

    It was fun because of its name, but tha’ bag stayed longer full, compared with others.

  5. daniela

    Smell delicious and the vibe is pretty chill and good!

  6. nicolehughes0

    The high is good, and the nugs smell nice

  7. BudHole22

    Really enjoyed it as i do all of the strains on here! But not super memorable

  8. salesse-2915

    Bud is compact, dense tight nugs, looks of lots of brown hairs , smell of pine, a bit of astringent armoa, slightly citrus, the smoke is decently smooth, slight taste of chocolate, burns well, high is decently good.

  9. jordandsmayer1995

    I frigging love this stuff, it looks, smells, and tastes great, bright purple and orange buds

  10. hotdonna78

    Looks like the same as last time. Pretty sure it’ll be fine

  11. dawee1980

    Good bud for the price bud for me the chocolat was not presentbut the bud was nice compact and not to arsh

  12. address2me

    Nice hard hitting indica. Great for pain.

  13. r3nh0me

    mmmm very effective

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