Lemon Skunk

THC 20-22%CBD 0-1%

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If the zesty citrus flavour of Lemon Skunk doesn’t draw you in, then the happy, energetic head buzz surely will! This award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid stimulates the mind and relaxes the body. If you’re looking for a strain to help channel focus and creativity, Lemon Skunk is for you!


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Lemon Skunk Strain Information

With 20-22% THC, Lemon Skunk brings together the scent of lemons, black pepper and hints of citrus. This new Lemon Skunk became a Dutch phenom, soon being crossed with Arjan Roskam’s Super Silver Haze to create one of the most popular plants of a generation. Lemon Skunk was named in High Times’ Top 10 Strains of the year in 2009. It also took 1st Indoor Hydro at Spannabis Cup 2008, 1st Outdoor at Highlife Cup in 2007 and 2nd place at IC420 Breeders Cup in 2008.


Lemon Skunk can help with creativity as well as sleep, so be sure to paint that portrait before the couchlock kicks in! Lemon Skunk is a solid medical cannabis strain, and it is prescribed by doctors for an array of uses. This sativa-dominant strain can be useful in many applications, especially because it can be energizing rather than inducing a body-heavy high. This makes it useful even as a daytime strain. Lemon Skunk is rather low in CBD and CBN, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a medical cannabis strain.


Its flavour and aroma are intense and fruity, with hints of lemon. The skunky aroma is also quite powerful, filling the room with its distinguishable scent quickly. The powerful and balanced effect it provides starts with a subtle cerebral stimulation that turns into a pleasant physically relaxing sensation. This marijuana plant is ideal to unwind after a hard day at work.


Its buds are light green with thick orange hairs and a high calyx to leaf ratio. Lemon Skunk is a tall and fairly branchy plant whose side shoots can rival the cola in overall size and girth at times. Lemon Skunk grows well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. One thing to consider is the height of the strain. The sativa genetics allow plants to peak at heights of 200cm, meaning either a big grow room or a garden is needed to let plants reach their full potential. The towering nature of this strain will produce yields of between 100 and 250g per square metre. The flowering stage lasts between 7 to 9 weeks. Some heavy sativa plants will need to be staked, as flowering stretch can cause them to triple or quadruple in height. It’s known for having few leaves and being very easy to manicure as well.

33 reviews for Lemon Skunk

  1. marisa.g.mercurio

    Its description fits perfectly! I’m more of a Sativa person and this hybrid really satisfies me. I would recommend it during day time without any problem !

  2. estee-63

    Enjoyed this strain!

  3. CowboyJ

    Nice citrus flavour & smell. Good high but it ends pretty quickly!

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