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Mac & Cheese

THC 28-31%CBD 0-1%

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Combining the genetics from The Mac and Alien Cheese strains, Mac and Cheese is a strong hybrid known for its strong, sour flavor and its pungent, dank aroma. Offering an average of 30% THC, this Mac and Cheese strain delivers a euphoric, heady high that’s perfect for daytime enjoyment!


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Mac & Cheese Strain Information

Are you a fan of pasta, Kraft Dinner and all things cheesy? If so, you’re going to love the Mac and Cheese strain! A cross between The Mac and Alien Cheese strains, Mac & Cheese is one strain you’ll want a second serving of. Offering 28-31% THC on average, this sour and skunky strain is a great daytime choice for every day of the week. This strain delivers a euphoric, uplifting high that’s perfect for tokers of all types!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Despite its name, this strain isn’t yellow, but golden instead! The cured buds of this strain have a long appearance, similar to most sativas. The leaves themselves are bright green with a golden hue that shines through in the most brilliant way. On the surface, the buds are covered in peach-coloured pistils that pop with colour. While the buds themselves are golden, the trichomes that cover the surface are a frosty lime-green.

Secondly, a strain titled Mac and Cheese must have a cheesy aroma! While not quite close to the sharpness of cheddar or Monterey Jack, the aroma is striking. The smell comes close to that of a Brie or a goat – pungent with some sour notes and a hint of sweetness. However, you might also detect some notes of dank pungency underneath, too! Thirdly, cracking open a few nugs of this strain and you’ll detect some spicy, herbaceous notes, too. Mac and Cheese definitely deliver on the smell department!

Flavour-wise, the goat cheese and Brie combination work together wonderfully. While the cheese notes are strong, they’re not overpowering. You’ll be able to taste herbaceous, earthy flavours with a skunky finish. However, the dominant flavour is definitely cheesy. While we hope that that doesn’t deter you from trying this strain, tokers who aren’t huge fans of cheese should be aware!

Finally, we come to this strain’s effects. Mac and Cheese is a hybrid strain so it really offers the best of both worlds. Uplifting and euphoric, this strain does wonders in making you active. While you won’t be bouncing off of the walls, the increase in energy and euphoria will be enough to make you want to complete some chores at home or go for a nice walk outside. Additionally, this strain has some amazing stress-relieving properties. Mac and Cheese is comfort food, after all, and this strain is no different!

Medical Benefits

Stress, Energy, Anxiety

35 reviews for Mac & Cheese

  1. jeyro917

    Awesome strain with a great Cheese profile that you can feel both on smell and taste, strong cerebral high, will reorder for sure!

  2. petethepimp_11

    This is awsome strain. Very tasty and strong. I had a real relaxing feel after smoking helped me sleep

  3. Sweet-n-Sour

    Music to ear, best thing I ever tasted

  4. Takeitez

    I tried it a while back. Strane.. Good taste n 👃

  5. lambert68

    Fire!!!! The smell is amazing!! What a calming ad uplifting effect. Anything cheese is great. good quality

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