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There’s no maybe when it comes to Mimosa. It’s a resounding yes, please! This strain is a sensational sativa-dominant hybrid. It boasts a fabulous fusion of fruity flavours! Paired with its energizing, uplifting effects? Forget about it! You’re in for a delightful experience from start to finish.


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Mimosa Strain Information

Who says orange juice and champagne have the corner on brunch? There’s a new Mimosa in town! Mimosa is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid. Its parent strains are Clementine and Purple Punch. It was first bred by mysterious producers Symbiotic Genetics. With genes like these, you know the flavour fusion is fantastic! Perfect for daytime and afternoon use, Mimosa is as bubbly as her name implies. This trait is likely due to her whopping 23-27% THC concentration!

If you’re looking for a strain that has it all – flavour, potency and effects, Mimosa is for you!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Mimosa is as beautiful as the day is long! Its nugs are a deep olive tone. The buds tend to be round, small and densely packed. Besides, dark orange hairs playfully poke out from this refreshing strain. Finally, Mimosa glistens with a generous coating of bright white crystal trichomes.

Mimosa will draw you in with its scent alone! This hybrid has a delicious citrusy aroma that makes it hard to resist. This dank bud blends both sweet and sour notes, just like its boozy namesake! Lucky for us, it tastes as good as it smells! It also combines delectable berry notes with citrus, tropical flavours. It’s a sweet and sour sensation for the ages!

Do you love your morning cup of coffee? Mimosa serves as the perfect replacement pick-me-up to start your day as a wake and bake. You can also use it to perk up your afternoon! When the Mimosa high sets in, you’ll feel a gradual burst of energy. If you had any groggy brain fog, you likely won’t for much longer! These sensations also come with a delightful boost in mood. Mimosa tends to replace this feeling with enhanced motivation and focus. Although, most Mimosa effects concentrate on the body, not the mind. You’ll feel both euphoric and relaxed, with a pleasant tingle from head to toe. With its upbeat, energizing effects, the best time for Mimosa is during the day or in the afternoon.

Mimosa also has medical uses, too! For instance, it’s an excellent strain for patients who want to start their day off right. The upbeat, euphoric effects of this strain are great for depression and stress symptoms. Feeling fatigued? It can also give you just the burst of energy you need! Other benefits of Mimosa include relief from pain, nausea and appetite loss. While its effects are sensational, Mimosa should only be used in the day or afternoon. It will keep you up if taken at night!

Additionally, with such high THC concentrations, approach this strain with caution. If you have a low tolerance or are a new toker, it’s best to build your way up to this one!

Mimosa Medical Benefits 

Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Nausea, Appetite Loss

25 reviews for Mimosa

  1. beachbunny

    Really nice strain to smoke in the day

  2. aP

    Well this might be my new favourite Wake N Bake strain. Just amazing for a morning or afternoon sesh, gives a different energy high but I love it.

    Well worth the try, highly recommend!

  3. stevejoss01

    Love this strain I’ve had better strains of mimosa this is still nice thow

  4. stevejoss01

    Love this strain I’ve had better strains of mimosa this is still nice thow

  5. CowboyJ

    Great flavour

  6. worldsgym

    Dosent burn well😕

  7. daniela

    Good sativa

  8. codysawyer_07

    Amazing sativa! Can’t say enough about it. Buy it, smoke it, absolutely love it!!

  9. salesse-2915

    Very good sativa strain, smooth smoke, cerebral high, very nice citrus smell
    Loved this strain, would recommend

  10. dennisdesjardine1971

    Another solid strain from HA! These buds not only smell amazing, but look amazing, with big frosty buds. Highly recommended!

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