MK Ultra

THC 20-22%CBD 0-1%


Cerebral, hypnotic and sedative. These three adjectives sum up the MK Ultra experience perfectly. Aromas of lemon and pungent diesel can be felt on the nose, and sweet honey and pine are felt on the palate with each and every exhale. Providing hypnotic cerebral effects while also melting away pain, stress and insomnia, MK Ultra is the strain of choice for an evening nightcap.


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MK Ultra Strain Information

This High Times’ Cannabis Cup winner is a classic, indica-dominant hybrid with a familiar name with any toker. It will leave you feeling spacey with intense cerebral effects and a relaxing, sedative body high. As the lovechild of OG Kush and G-13 strains, MK Ultra’s THC content checks in at a whopping 18%.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

MK Ultra has a unique flavour profile and appearance. MK Ultra’s dense, white kief-coated buds release an aroma that begins with pungent diesel and sour lemon. However, these flavours transform into something else entirely different once exhaled. An earthy, sweet taste reminiscent of woodsy pine is felt once MK Ultra is combusted and exhaled. 

Users know MK Ultra for its powerful effects, more so than perhaps any other strain.

This strain got its unique namesake after a secret mind-control study conducted by the CIA in the early 1950s. If you’re familiar with the strain, you won’t be surprised at all. 

This strain offers intense cerebral effects that border on hypnotic hallucinations. However, MK Ultra is not for novice tokers or those not looking for a couch-lock effect. Upon the first inhale, users will experience cerebral, sativa-like head-high. Soon after, intense sedation will follow. While you might mistake the initial cerebral head-high as invigorating and creativity boosting, it’s advised that you don’t engage in any strenuous activity. The sedative, indica side of MK Ultra will kick in shortly and leave you feeling drowsy and relaxed. For novice smokers, the intense high may induce a panic attack or severe anxiety. 

MK Ultra’s relaxing, sedative and mind-elevating effects make it a perfect choice for medical marijuana users. Pain, insomnia and stress melt away at first. Soon after, its slight sativa genetics transport you to a place of euphoric happiness. It’s not an exaggeration by any means to say that MK Ultra is one of the most powerful and sedative indica strains available to tokers today. Common usages for MK Ultra include treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain and nausea. 

MK Ultra Medical Benefits

Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Insomnia

18 reviews for MK Ultra

  1. pelehoscrystal (verified owner)

    Super weed. Tastes good. Like it

  2. ncsiding (verified owner)

    Sticky and stinky. Great evening smoke!

  3. cklassen (verified owner)

    This has become a top favorite of mine. Great buzz.

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