Moby Dick

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Moby Dick Strain is high in THC content making it one of the strongest sativas. Originating in Amsterdam and currently bred by Dinafem Seeds. Winner of ‘Girl of the Year’ by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross between indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and sativa Haze; the former is known for its power while the latter for its cerebral stimulation, creating a mostly sativa plant that delivers a charged buzz.

Up to 19-21% THC


Flavours:  Citrus, Sweet, Earthy

Effects: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Relaxed, Energetic

Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Lack of Appetite, Pain

65 reviews for Moby Dick

  1. VaperDeibos (verified owner)

    Saw a great deal, i was happy that i was able to get access to some top notch buds for such a reasonable price. I hope i can see Moby Dick again at such an affordable price!
    – Potent, well grown
    – great moisture, well cured
    – a fantastic smoke or vape, all day or all night.

  2. Nicdave (verified owner)

    Very different taste, nice buzz!

  3. BLX15 (verified owner)

    This weed quite literally made my friend trip balls and talk about the craziest stuff

  4. J0nkheer (verified owner)

    This is a great sativa high that last a long time ! It’s hard to tell wich is my favorite sativa now i’ve tried Moby Dick!

  5. bchapple (verified owner)

    One huge dense nug! Uplifting and tasty.

  6. John (verified owner)

    My favourite sativa. Long lasting high that was uplifting and energetic perfect for puttering around the house on a Sunday morning. The smell reminded me of the tuna strains.

  7. Rasthomas (verified owner)

    got it in *mix and match strain*and pretty good same smell from when i bought some in april or whatever

  8. JimboSlice420 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff can’t beat the price either

  9. sweeetbabyangel (verified owner)

    Got a quarter of this in a “mix-and-match-strains” ounce and was not disappointed. Nicely trimmed, sweet/citrus smelling buds, with a uplifting/euphoric high.

  10. Jism (verified owner)

    Awesome buy! loved the taste and the strong sativa buzz

  11. Nnajm (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. Buds were very nice and what a buzz. Would purchase again for sure.

  12. Csrt4andrew (verified owner)

    Very strong, great taste, amazing high.

  13. Alexjbl (verified owner)

    Large, dense, well-trimmed buds that were also surprisingly potent. Great boost to creativity

  14. molly (verified owner)

    Hard hitter great flavor, good price

  15. Staylifted21 (verified owner)

    Best smelling marijuana I’ve ever had. My absolute favourite sativa. Great when you need to stay productive and creative.

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