Mr. Dank Shatter Mix and Match

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Each pack comes with 1 Gram of Mr. Dank Shatter. Choose Any 3 Strains for $90



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Mr. Dank is a premium concentrate brand which produces indica, hybrid and sativa shatters. Check out this mix and match page to get a discount on Mr. Dank shatter by selecting 3 strains.

11 reviews for Mr. Dank Shatter Mix and Match

  1. lilfallingstar (verified owner)


  2. Soulseeker123321 (verified owner)

    Color is very light, almost white. Smokes very nice. May not look like much but hits different.

  3. undrgrndkng (verified owner)

    Clean, tasty burn every time. Consistent quality product. 5 star.

  4. brandon_crosby87 (verified owner)

    Great price and really good quality

  5. petertrebett (verified owner)

    The god bud was Smooth and easy to handle makes it an easy go to , good deal too which is why I will always look for this brand first

  6. jessieb123 (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of this brand, always a really good high. As another member commented every so often you you get a gram that’s “sugary” which is difficult to handle but still gets you pretty stoned lol
    I have bought this many times and usually choose Mr. Dank first if it’s in stock, great shit!

  7. Paul (verified owner)

    I have bought Mr Dank products several times now.
    The dude knows what he is doing!!!

  8. Frozen25 (verified owner)

    God Bud tastes awful so I couldn’t justify the benefits. Won’t buy again

  9. krysten.stirling (verified owner)

    First purchase I got God Bud, Purple Lightning, and Blackberry OG. Both the Purple Lightning and Blackberry OG were very “sugary” and therefore difficult to maneuver with a dab tool, and not even a possibility with your hands.
    The God Bud, however, was a perfect amber piece of shatter that you could easily handle without tools.
    This time I bought two more grams of God Bud, because why mess with a good thing, and 1 gram of Critical Mass. All 3 grams are perfect consistency, the only difference being the Critical mass is almost completely clear, whereas the God Bud is still a gorgeous amber.
    I only gave 4 stars due to the sugary shatter I received the first time. I will definitely continue to purchase this brand and this deal!

  10. t_volk1277 (verified owner)

    Very light color, almost white, but was pretty waxy

  11. king-george-bob (verified owner)

    It looks different from most of the shatter im used to It looked kind of white but the flavor and the high was so good.

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