THC 24-28%CBD 0-1%

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Nuken will make you say ‘Oh Canada!’ in more ways than one! This certified Canadian cannabis is some of the most high-quality bud you can get your hands on. Nuken is ideal for those chill nights when you want to veg and space out with its unique scent and flavour and intense, long-lasting effects!


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Nuken Strain Information

Nuken is a star in its homeland of the Great White North! This Canadian strain is born from legendary God Bud and an Afghani mix called Kish. Both parents are members of the illustrious Shishkaberry family.

Nuken is a potent yet pleasurable indica-dominant hybrid. If you want to get the most out of an indica without turning to stone, Nuken is what you’re after. This hybrid is indica-dominant with just a dash of sativa. Still, it has a decent THC range starting at 13% and reaching as high as 25% in some tests.

Most users would say the aroma and flavour of Nuken are unique, to say the least. Let’s just say it’s an acquired taste! That said, the effects are unmatched. In other words, it’ll mellow you out and kick your pain to the curb. But it’ll also boost your mood to new heights and supply a healthy dose of the giggles!

With Nuken, you don’t have to compromise!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Much like its homeland of British Columbia, Canada, Nuken is naturally stunning! This strain has a dense bud structure with vibrant neon green buds. Nuken also has a generous coating of sticky trichomes. These tiny crystals make it glisten like the glorious snow of the Canadian Rockies!

These sparkling, sticky trichomes make Nuken ideal for making hash and other concentrates. That said, if you want to roll a J, be sure you have a weed grinder handy!

If you share your space with other people, consider this your official warning. Nuken is a particularly pungent bud! In other words, if you want to hide your high, you may need to take extra precautions. The Nuken smell is a unique blend of sweet marshmallows with a pungent skunky odour. Some users may also detect some earthy undertones.

The marshmallow and skunk also translate to its flavour and terpene profile. Nuken tastes of freshly baked marshmallow pie, with notes of pinene and a skunky tinge on the exhale. We told you it’s an acquired taste!

That said, many tokers actively seek Nuken out for these exact distinct traits. What aren’t acquired tastes are the Nuken effects. They appeal to everyone!

Users have differing opinions about the potency of Nuken. It’s likely because its THC levels can range between 13 to 25%. Some even claim it can reach up to 30%! So, be careful when reading the label of your specific product to know exactly what you’re in for.

25 reviews for Nuken

  1. petethepimp_11

    Good bud. Nice chill but flavour seem a bit different

  2. braydonsspam35

    Was a Good Strain to smoke on and definitely one of the strongest iv smoked in a while😅 id definitely recommend for those looking for a Potent Bud

  3. leandro.pablo

    I haven’t got much of this one, but it’s certainly not bad!

  4. lafete

    Nice evening smoke,has a kick,great for pure relaxing

  5. goneill76

    this strain seems different all the time. this batch not bad. will buy again only if on sale. 3.5 stars

  6. Jamieleigh

    Nice evening smoke. Like getting it as one of my choices from the 2 for $300 special

  7. Devin Johnson

    Was happy with the price when I bought it was not the same as other nuken I’ve had in the past I have had 3 other nuken orders still good weed. If its cheap I would buy again

  8. Steveo

    Didn’t look like the picture but still good stuff would order again

  9. Eirroca

    nice to hang out and watch a movie

  10. rlongstaff74

    all around perfection all i can say

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