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OCB Rolling Papers – Unbleached & Virgin


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OCB Rolling Papers – Unbleached & Virgin

  • Unbleached Natural Slow Burning Paper
  • 50 papers
  • Size of the Booklet (not paper) is about 24mm x 72mm
  • Natural Arabic Gum
  • Ultra Thin Paper

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OCB Papers have a long proud history. The original factory was created in 1822 near the river Odet in France. The 2nd factory was created in 1893, the main function of this factory was to specialize in the manufacturing of smoking rolling papers.  By 1918 the brand OCB (Odet Cascadet Bolloré) was truly created by René Bolloré. By 1930 over 86 million packets of OCB were being sold with the US being the major consumer. Since then the brand has developed and introduced many new papers. OCB papers are now sold worldwide, being one of the largest suppliers of rolling supplies with an excellent reputation of high quality marijuana papers.

26 reviews for OCB Rolling Papers – Unbleached & Virgin

  1. Lindor

    Nice burn

  2. daniela

    Best papers

  3. TJD

    Nice and thin without ripping easily. Smooth roll

  4. benham101

    Worked great. Friends enjoyed my 12 joints of Christmas. Lit up like a menorah.

  5. theavalonbee

    Never disappointed with their products. Top quality!

  6. Pfkiks

    Fantastic. I’ve tried sooo many types of papers, and these made top two.

  7. daniela

    My favorite ever

  8. khan.saadhasan

    Best papers I’ve used. Even burn and natural

  9. starrynightet

    Great papers , smooth and easy to roll with.

  10. SJAKCuzyy

    As it says burns slow and smooth but still paper

  11. faysghandour

    Very nice and thin, smooth burn!

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