OG Glue Sniffer

THC 26-28%CBD 0-1%

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Its name? Hysterical. Its effects? No joking matter! OG Glue Sniffer is a relaxing, balanced hybrid that will make you feel all kinds of alright! Indulge in restful rejuvenation like never before. OG Glue Sniffer will make you feel like all your stress and worries are nothing but distant memories!


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OG Glue Sniffer Strain Information

With such a hilarious name, OG Glue Sniffer is sure to get your attention! This well-balanced hybrid was first grown in the United States. This strain is the result of dedicated breeding. It comes from Alaskan-based company Matanuska Thunder Seeds. It is a cross of parent strains Gorilla Glue #4 and male Grateful Breath plants. The result is a strain that took home first place for Best Hybrid at the Anchorage Cannabis Classic in 2016. OG Glue Sniffer is a versatile, feel-good strain perfect for any time of day!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Do you know how they say good things come in small packages? This is especially true for OG Glue Sniffer! Its buds are smaller than average and dense. That said, they weigh twice as much as their looks would have you think! The buds are dark shades of forest green. Thick, burnt-orange hairs tightly embrace the flowers. A thick, generous layer of off-white trichomes coats the buds’ surface. They also often appear amber under certain light. This coating means the buds can be sticky, so be sure to have your weed grinder close by.

As its name implies, OG Glue Sniffer has a hefty aroma! Its scent has an earthy chemical overtone broken up by a touch of nuttiness. The flavour is also incredibly unique! Users describe it as tasting like nutty vanilla mixed with herbs and chemicals. This combination can produce a cough-inducing exhale. So, be sure to have some water handy!

Despite its funny name, the OG Glue Sniffer effects are no joking matter. This strain can produce some impressive and intense effects! Its high builds subtly at the back of the neck before spreading through your head. It will present as a powerful yet relaxing buzz. This strain brings on feelings of uplifted euphoria. So, you’ll feel pleasantly happy and upbeat. Who doesn’t want that! As the effects sink in, you’ll feel your worries and anxieties drift away. At the same time, your body will melt into a not-too-heavy body high that will relieve pain and tension. The tail-end of this high will come with a strong body buzz. It will have you relaxed and sedated without putting you to sleep.

Paired with its 20%+ THC levels, OG Glue Sniffer has multiple medical uses. Firstly, it’s effective for enhancing mood. This quality makes it great for depression, stress and anxiety symptoms. The physical properties can also help with pain, inflammation, headaches, and migraines. OG Glue Sniffer is also effective for treating nausea and appetite loss.

OG Glue Sniffer Medical Benefits 

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Headache, Migraines, Nausea, Appetite Loss


6 reviews for OG Glue Sniffer

  1. MandoLindo

    Mmmm yeah baby this was lovely dank chron

  2. MandoLindo

    Mmmm yeah baby

  3. tripaces420

    A tad dry but a great smoke nonetheless. Smells like dead skunks!

  4. profcrowley

    very good

  5. fcstoner

    Great Gassy Sticky Tastey Strain!

  6. Lootcifer

    Grabbed 2 to top an order and it was bomb. Re-order.

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