THC 10-15%CBD 0-1%


Heal your body and soothe your mind with Pennywise! This indica-dominant hybrid has the makings of one of the best therapeutic strains. Its high CBD content will have your worries, stress, and pain fade away. All while you remain in complete control. Promote your own well-being with Pennywise!


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Pennywise Strain Information

Don’t let its spooky name fool you. Pennywise is here to take all your pain and worry away! This strain is a high-CBD indica-dominant hybrid. The only things Pennywise wants to scare away are your aches and anxieties! Pennywise is the lovechild of crossing landrace-derived Harlequin with Jack the Ripper strains. Subcool’s The Dank Seeds invented this soothing strain. With a high CBD content, Pennywise is a common therapeutic strain. 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Pennywise buds are mostly indica-like in structure. They’re densely packed and range from small to medium in size. The Pennywise leaves themselves are pretty pale sea green. Orange and brown pistils twist their way throughout the buds. A high volume of trichomes coats the already colourful flowers. This gives them a pleasant pale white sheen. 

If growers cure them properly, the Pennywise flowers release a dank, earthy scent. It has a sweet and pepper aroma with a hint of coffee that is sure to perk up your senses! This strain also features woody undertones and pine notes. Grinding up the Pennywise buds gives off a more spicy, hashy aroma. Don’t let its name get the best of you. This strain’s flavour is far from horrifying! Luckily, it tastes as it smells, maybe even better! This bud has a dominant fruity lemon taste. When combusted, Pennywise releases a harsh, thick smoke that may make you cough. So, be sure to come prepared and make sure you have some water handy!

Despite what its spooky title implies, Pennywise is only scary in its name. The effects are soothing and sedative! After a few puffs, this strain supplies a gentle rush and cerebral high that will uplift your mood. It also causes a rush of calm to rush over most tokers. This sensation helps clear their minds and brings on a heightened sense of focus. Soon, the indica properties of Pennywise will take effect. Expect your body to feel relaxed as your mood shifts to pleasant contentment. All will feel right with the world! While its THC levels are relatively low, don’t underestimate the potency of Pennywise. These indica-dominant effects will intensify over time, likely without you even realizing it. In other words, prepare to develop a deeper relationship with your couch. You likely won’t want to leave it! After a while, you’ll start to feel sleepy and might even drift off before this fully wears off. Because of its laidback vibes, Pennywise is best left to late afternoon or nighttime use. In this way, you can appreciate its sensual sedative effects in their entirety! 

As we said before, Pennywise is an incredibly therapeutic strain. This is because of its 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. As such, it has several medicinal uses. Its uplifting qualities are great for treating symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Its high CBD concentration makes Pennywise effective for relieving pain and inflammation. These properties make it excellent for muscle spasms and conditions like arthritis. Its heavily sedating effects also work wonders for insomnia.

A word to the Penny-wise, this strain may make novice tokers feel dizzy. 

Pennywise Medical Benefits 

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Arthritis, Insomnia

6 reviews for Pennywise

  1. Staylifted21

    Was a great strain for before bed. Felt less anxious after smoking than regular high thc strains. The photo is very misleading though, as the bud was brown. Entirely different from what was shown in the photo (which to be honest looks too good to be true when it comes to high CBD strains)

  2. FutureTrunks

    Great smoke to relax and get some work done.

  3. Kyle99

    I like to burn one right in the morning before work to help with my anxiety. This strain helps with it more than any other strains. Thanks for the recommendation Herb Approach. You guys rock!

  4. Jordan1s

    Good CBD strain. Didnt feel much of the high but I was definitely a lot more relaxed after my smoke.

  5. corbin123

    The high on this strain was decent. Felt like it really calmed me down after the smoke.

  6. JamesBong

    My body felt alot more relaxed after 2 sessions with this stuff. Head was still clear but i definitely felt my back pain ease away more after my 2nd joint of this stuff. I enjoyed the smoke as it did not get me too fucked up and i was still able to function properly throughout my high.

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