Phyto Extractions Shatter Mix and Match

$200.00 $150.00

Each pack comes with 1 Gram of Phyto Shatter. Choose Any 5 Strains for $150:



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Phyto Extractions is a premium grade concentrate producer based in Canada. Phyto Extracts is the 1st place winner of the Karma Cup in 2015 for the best concentrates.

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160 reviews for Phyto Extractions Shatter Mix and Match

  1. Alymer (verified owner)

    Good deal, good high

  2. sti_wrx02 (verified owner)

    Been using this brand awhile now and are pretty good for the price. I like that they have decent description of product. Would buy again

  3. Budlover87 (verified owner)

    Great deal just wish there was more selections at times

  4. Jethigher (verified owner)

    Good deal

  5. Jethigher (verified owner)

    Good strains

  6. Jethigher (verified owner)

    Will be getting more

  7. Jethigher (verified owner)

    Always get some when I can

  8. Jethigher (verified owner)

    Nice price

  9. Darkimag (verified owner)

    A+ product at a great price.

  10. Claybourne (verified owner)

    I was very disappointed with this order of phyto shatter. I ordered 5 different strains, each one tastes like they had synthetic flavors added and all taste the same almost like licorice or something. Also they are all a lot harder than usual, normally you can mold or form the shatter if it warms up a bit, this stuff just crushes into little pieces. Not sure if I will bother ordering anymore.

  11. yauker (verified owner)

    i guess the company isnt going to do anything about the pine resin or whatever this is youre selling us… RIP phyto and hooti.

  12. hatreddsvids (verified owner)

    Phyto-Reddit. Look it up, it’s time to hold off on this product for now. This product is currently unsafe for consumption until they specific state the issue is resolved.

  13. numerouno26 (verified owner)

    Tasty and potent. Shatter through the mail in the summer can be iffy though because it melts

  14. yauker (verified owner)

    last time dealing with phyto, I am coughing more than when i smoked 2 oz of herb AND cigarettes from this stuff that all 3 strains taste the same, underweight, extremely unimpressed by a company who is profitting but selling years old stock or whatever this is, is it hardened cooking oil? its got no stickiness or flavour to it, i cant beleive this shit is allowed… will not be buying phyto ever again, and will continue the boycott when u change company names when finally your practices catch up with you. thanks for the worst shatter ive ever seen in my life.

  15. kevenduford666 (verified owner)

    always the best!

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