Purple Banana Breath

THC 30-35%CBD 0-1%

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Purple Banana Breath is a rare phenotype derived from regular Banana Breath and delivers a tropical hit that’ll invigorate, relax and sedate all at once! With 30-35% THC on average and a banana-inspired terpene profile, this strain is an instant classic.


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Purple Banana Breath Strain Information

Purple Banana Breath is a potent and tropical AAAA indica hybrid strain that’ll make you go bananas. This strain is a rare phenotype of Banana Breath, a cross between Mendo Breath and Banana OG.

Unlike its mainstream cousin, Purple Banana Breath packs a more indica-heavy punch. An AAAA strain of distinction, this rare cultivar offers tokers an incredible 30-35% potency on average! If that’s not enough, this strain also delivers a delicious tropical flavour that combines freshly sliced bananas, citrus and island musk together all in one package. Don’t miss out on this strain! You might just go bananas if you do!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Purple Banana Breath is a rare strain so we’ll start with the basics. To begin, we’ll focus on its appearance. An indica focused hybrid, this strain has an indica influenced bud structure that’s oblong and stout. The buds are dense and won’t give way easily when squeezed together. Unlike its mainstream cousin, Purple Banana Breath is a phenotype that has some light purple colouration to its leaves. While the bud themselves are forest-green, you’ll be able to see some purple weed foliage if you get lucky with your batch! In addition to its colourful leaves, a splattering cream-coloured also helps to promote this strain’s visibility. The tropics are all about colour, after all, and this strain is no exception!

Tropically inspired, Purple Banana Breath offers tokers a rare and unique terpene profile that’s difficult to find anywhere else. On the nose, users can expect aromas of freshly sliced bananas, sweet berries, hints of forest pine and citrus and a sweet yet musky finish. The bag appeal with this strain is incredible and once you get a whiff of this strain’s exotic aroma, you’ll be whisked away to an island paradise. On the tongue, tokers can expect much of the same. The smoke is thick and cloudy and tends to coat the mouth and leave a sweet and cloying aftertaste. This strain is definitely a stinker so if you’re planning on keeping it low-key, you might want to smoke this somewhere private!

Effects wise, the combination of caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene work together to deliver a state of absolute euphoria. On the first inhale, a slight pressure will build in the head that’ll relax and calm its users. As the high progress, these waves of euphoria and calm will transition to the rest of the body, serving to relax the muscles and nerves.

While Purple Banana Breath offers relaxing, sedative effects, medical users will be pleased to discover that this strain is ideal for both day and nighttime use. The body high is perfect for getting rid of insomnia while the cerebral effects are ideal for relieving anxiety and stress.

Purple Banana Breath Medical Benefits

Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety

43 reviews for Purple Banana Breath

  1. Ravin89

    My favourite one !

  2. Ravin89

    Great strain, loved it!

  3. daniela

    I was so surprised by the quality, the smell is AMAZING

  4. lambert68

    Dank shit amazing smooth with a subtly heavy high

  5. Ferasgo

    I just brought this lovely strain home in Shatter form. Nug Run by Newt Brothers. Coming in at 75.5% THCA this shatter is damn tasty!!!. good strain

  6. Smoke-a-chil

    Just picked this strain up and I’m pleasantly surprised! It’s kind of a creeper and very relaxing. good product

  7. daniela

    Taste so good and the high is very powerful,. delicious strain

  8. 1986Meyer

    A pleasant, tingly high. Head and body buzz.

  9. shane.j.riley.86

    Gave me a wonderful high and gave me lots of energy, I found it great for a pick me up. Great stuff I will definitely be buying this strain again.

  10. mckiefagan

    This was ok, not as strong as perhaps I need but I have a high tolerance. Very fresh and tasted great however!

  11. di.jw82

    What a relaxing happy high. Thoroughly enjoyed this strain. I will definitely get it again.

  12. Lindor

    This one is a great strain I would definitely get it again on sale

  13. aPardy

    This strain is some of the nicest looking weed I have ever seen. Great day time smoke with such a positive and relaxing high, will definitely purchase again!

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