Purple Skunk

THC 19-21%CBD 0-1%

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Purple Skunk is an uplifting, sativa-dominant cross of Skunk #1 and an older purple strain.


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Purple Skunk is an uplifting, sativa-dominant cross of Skunk #1 and an older purple strain. Its small to medium flowers will mature at 8 to 9 weeks and have a distinctive skunky smell and an earthy, almost wine-like taste. This strain leans heavily toward the active for a euphoric, cheerful buzz. Many patients also report increased sociability and creativity. Purple Skunk does have high THC levels, so it can be a bit intense for some patients when it comes to psychoactive effects.

Flavours: Skunk, Earthy, Grape

Effects: Focused, Uplifted, Giggly, Aroused, Happy

Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia

43 reviews for Purple Skunk

  1. ChronMan

    amazing lemon fragrance on this strain, great looking nugs for the bag appeal – if you like Sativas definitely give this one a try!!

  2. Sean Perrin

    This was my first time trying Purple Skunk … mine was very well cured, with an utterly amazing smell and taste! A strong but smooth smoke, with a very, very uplifting high! It’s the kind of bud that will have you walking into a room, and totally forget why you were going into the room for (which I just did, and it made me laugh). Definitely will put a smile across your face, and a twinkle in a half shut eye! Melts away stress.

  3. davidchamberlandmusic

    Beautifully cured buds. Not much of a skunk smell to it but definitely pungent flowers. The high is fantastic. The count was generous. Would definitely recommend this strain.

  4. Trebone

    Good daytime medicine but unfortunately my least favourite I’ve ordered. Smell was brutal, almost shwag smelling, no skunkyness that I’m used to. Count seemed a little light which is not typical for HA but the high definitely made up for the poor aesthetics. Terrific head buzz

  5. Reanimator66

    Nice taste and potency. Really liking this stuff!


    Great daytime uplifter. As others have said large dense bugs covered in Crystal with purple hues. Doesn’t really smell skunky but great non the less. Can’t go wrong!

  7. Martin

    Nice big and dense nugs. Smoke was smooth

  8. papi_chulo

    This is one of the best I’ve ever had!

  9. Akbar

    I have a pretty high tolerance to weed but one joint of this bud is all i need

  10. idc123

    this is the bomb wicked high lasts for hours its nice not having to roll big joints to get high

  11. kyllofett

    large round nugs, LOTS of purple to it. the nugs were crispy. the smell is pungent. nice uplifting high. lost a star due to lack of taste when i smoked it.

  12. berto

    5 stars because it makes me feel great in the morning and i am not a morning person

  13. Norbert

    smells great, hint of grape, lots of purple in the bud!
    smokes great, but I would say this bud is a bit “airy”, not too dense (i prefer dense buds)
    would order again though

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