Quantum Kush

THC 25-27%CBD 0-1%


This is a journey through hyperspace. Sometimes you just want to feel that positive spark to get you into a talkative mood. You’re going to love a good Sativa like Quantum Kush as it’s going to get you chatty and energetic, perfect for a Saturday night with mates. 


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Quantum Kush Strain Information

Sometimes you just want to feel that positive spark to get you into a talkative mood. A good sativa like Quantum Kush is going to get you chatty and energetic, ideal for a Saturday night with mates. This is a potent strain and, in some cases, the THC levels can reach up to 27%! A high that will hit immediately and thrust the user into a hazy high that often leaves you spaced out and soaring with euphoria. Quantum Kush is absolutely for smokers who have a high tolerance or are looking to get extremely faded.

Quantum Kush effects can be potent while at the same time providing relaxation and a clear mind and focus. It is idea for those users who suffer from appetite loss, nausea, depression, fatigue and chronic pain. 

Through blood, sweat, and tears, Quantum came to life by mixing Sweet Irish Kush and Trainwreck. It’s no wonder that Quantum Kush worked its way up the charts in 2016 as one of the fastest-trending sativa strains. Quantum Kush manages to deliver creative, talkative, giggly qualities without any anxiety. In fact, it delivers a pure and stimulating mental high. This weed will notice a powerful cerebral headrush almost instantly. Quantum is not recommended for first-time users, or seasoned users who don’t deal well with THC. These feelings will soon turn into an extraordinary high that takes you into outer space. You might have trouble organizing thoughts, and putting proper ideas together.

Due to the mix of Trainwreck and Sweet Irish Kush, the taste is a little all over the place but works surprisingly well. When smoked, a blend of fruits, earth, and skunk takes place. Those with a refined pallet may be weary, but once consumed are pleasantly surprised. The complex aroma smells of sweet skunky earth as the nugs are split apart and a tropical skunk and earthiness when exhaling.

When cultivating Quantum Kush it is best to top the plant early to create a shorter bushier plant, and plant to harvest between 56-63 days. The reason for topping early is because the phenotypes are all long and lanky, and if grown indoors, can quickly cause issues in regards to vertical grow space. Although they are all physically similar phenotypes, the taste and aromas can vary a little depending on which one you have. Some strains have a unique spicy kush aroma and taste, some have a noticeably sweet kush aroma and taste, and some have a mixture of both extremes.

Up to 25-27% THC


Flavours: Earthy, Sweet, Pungent

Effects: Euphoric, Energetic, Relaxed, Happy, Creative

Medical Benefits: Depression, Stress, Pain, Inflammation,

44 reviews for Quantum Kush

  1. beachbunny (verified owner)

    nice smoke and a strong indica perfect for a nightcap

  2. jim_rules08 (verified owner)

    really enjoyed this strain..good taste and decent stone

  3. Madmabes (verified owner)

    Great stuff, I hope it is the deal of the day again soon. Wowza!!

  4. vincent.tanguay19 (verified owner)

    Very nice! i recommend it!

  5. cdath1987 (verified owner)

    For $140 cant go wrong here

  6. michael.teacher7 (verified owner)

    Very heavy indica perfect for a nightcap.

  7. bloiskurt (verified owner)

    One of my favorites. Effect but still functional.

  8. bloiskurt (verified owner)

    My favorite so far. Great high that holds on. Will buy again.

  9. mandy_emily (verified owner)

    Nice bud good taste awesome smoke after workin late nights.

  10. jjc222 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the slight fruity flavour and long smoking joint! Good chillin’ high

  11. lynncorner17 (verified owner)

    what a great strain, was not disappointed. I will order this again. a uplifting long lasting puff. and yes just a little can go a long way. Quantum kush is my new fav.

  12. Adrien (verified owner)

    Quantum Kush is one of my favourites! Tastes like sweet hash and a joint seems to last forever. One of the most “potent” strains that I have ever smoked…I don’t get much of a “sativa” effect, for me it makes for a wonderful sleep! 🙂

  13. BBZEN (verified owner)

    Be careful, too much is doing something weird ! Just a bit is enough 🙂 Very good strain

  14. sean.starratt (verified owner)

    Luv the Quantum, def one of my favs. I miss it pls bring it back, best sleep I ever had.

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