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Skunkberry is one heavenly hybrid! This balanced strain is regarded as one of the oldest hybrids out there. That said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Skunkberry has THC levels ranging anywhere from 15-40%, with an intense euphoric rush and soothing body buzz to combat even the toughest tension!


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Skunkberry Strain Information

On the lookout for some potent bud that will kick your stress to the curb? Make way for Skunkberry! This well-balanced strain is regarded as one of the oldest hybrids. That said, you can never go wrong with a classic!  Her backstory is laced with intrigue and mystery. While we don’t know who her growers are, we know that Skunkberry is a cross between parent strains Blueberry and Skunk. This legendary lineage has earned it multiple awards, including best hybrid in the 2012 Cannabis Cup! 

Depending on the nature of the batch, Skunkberry can put you on blast without so much as a how do you do! Its THC levels are known to reach up to 40% at the highest, so novice tokers should start low and go slow. 

As its name will have you guess, Skunkberry has a distinct and strong smell and flavour. It’s sure to draw you in and intrigue your senses! Pair that with its hard-hitting effects, and Skunkberry is a one-of-a-kind strain you won’t want to miss! 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

What do you get when a skunk and a blueberry meet? Skunkberry, of course! With such a unique name, the looks of this strain are somewhat ordinary. But it more than makes up for it in other ways! Besides, what does ‘ordinary’ mean, anyway? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 

Skunkberry has rounded grape-shaped dusty green nugs. Bright orange pistils playfully protrude from between the buds. Do you see them glisten? That’s thanks to the layer of tiny golden amber crystal trichomes! 

With ‘skunk’ in its name, you know that Skunkberry has a unique smell, to say the least! This hard-hitting hybrid is fantastically fruity. It releases notes of berries, blueberries, citrus and lemons. It’s like a smörgåsbord of fabulous fresh fruit! Sparking it up causes its skunky genes to come out in full force. When combusted, Skunkberry releases a particularly skunky overtone. It’s sure to tickle your nose! 

This unique combination translates into its flavour. Skunkberry features a sour flavour fusion of skunk and berry. Its taste will dance a tantalizing tango with your tastebuds! This strain contains notable hints of citrus, lemon and, of course, blueberries! You can also expect a frisky fruity aftertaste on the exhale. 

Luckily, Skunkberry is fruitful in more ways than one! 

This hearty hybrid is quick to take effect. After just a couple of puffs, it delivers an uplifting euphoria and rush of happiness. It won’t take long for it to turn even the most stubborn frown upside down! Skunkberry will make you feel especially chatty and creative. Whether you want to blaze up with some pals or work on a passion project, this strain is there for you! Skunkberry has a fun-loving, upbeat, and happy-go-lucky nature. With this in mind, don’t be surprised if you’re overcome with a case of the giggles! 

As the high sinks in, the indica properties of Skunkberry will seep through. You’ll feel more relaxed than you’ve ever been as the couch-lock takes over. Skunkberry is laidback and soothing, but she’s also hungry. So, the only reason you’ll want to get up is for the harrowing journey to the fridge when the munchies kick in! With its descent into optimal mellowness, Skunkberry is best suited for nighttime use. Its sedating effects will make any tension, tightness or pain a thing of the past! 

In higher doses, Skunkberry can produce borderline psychedelic effects. Novice tokers should approach this strain with caution and, as always, start low and go slow. 

The uplifting mental properties of Skunkberry are excellent for warding away negative thoughts. In this way, in low doses, it’s great for symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Its high THC concentrations provide soothing pain relief and fighting inflammation. Since it brings on the munchies, Skunkberry is also effective for appetite stimulation. 

Skunkberry Medical Benefits 

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Appetite Stimulation 

3 reviews for Skunkberry

  1. beachbunny

    Gave this strain a shot on sale. it was super dense, sticky & not an amazing high and felt pretty harsh. probably won’t order again.

  2. stilsonlee

    Smooth tasty flavour really happy took the chance on this one most definitely worth it

  3. kenzieraen

    I bought this to top up my order for free shipping and I’m definitely glad I did! It’s got great flavour, smooth smoke and a really nice high.

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