Snow White

THC 22-24%CBD 0-1%

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This fairy tale strain will have you singing with the birds! Soothing and mellow, Snow White is here to lift your worries and have you floating in the clouds.


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Snow White Strain Information 

Not the daughter of a queen, but she definitely carries royalty in her buds! Snow White was born of the famous White Widow mother and an unconfirmed indica father. Some say it could be Northern Lights, but wherever the second parentage lies, Nirvana Seeds managed to breed an absolute beauty!

Snow White, gentle and calm, really feels like it jumped out of a fairytale – adored by breeders and users alike. This well-balanced strain will ease you into a peaceful, dream-like state perfect for boosting those cloudy moods.

With a THC count often reaching up to 22%, Snow White is at the upper end of the potency scale for hybrids. You might feel like having a sing-along with the birds after a couple of afternoon tokes!

But is this hybrid the fairest of them all? Read on to find out.


Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Loved by users for more than its dreamlike effects, Snow White is an unforgettable strain. Dark brown and red hairs decorate its candle-shaped buds as well as magical white crystals dust deep green leaves. The resin and crystals will often make the green buds appear pale, which only adds to its beauty! SW is a princess strain with definite bag appeal, not only in the way it looks!

The aroma of this strain brings about sweet and nutty notes, which follow through to its flavour. Once sparked, you’ll find that Snow White fills the mouth with smooth, thick, indica-like billows. The adventurous flavours will send you off into a tranquil, fantasy-like forest – nutty and woody, with a hint of citrus to keep things interesting!

A gentle body buzz will take over your body after the first few hits, followed by a gentle cerebral high. You’ll feel any built-up tension slowly fade away, and a general feeling of lightness will take its place. Immediate effects wear off after about 2 hours and leave behind a friendly, body-wide tingle.

As Snow White isn’t a couchlock strain, you’ll be able to enjoy the mild cerebral effects while going about your to-do list!

A low dose of this fantastic flower could do absolute wonders for a gloomy mood. Parting the grey clouds and letting the sun come through – giving your mind space to focus on enjoyable tasks! And though this strain is not considered to be sedative, a smooth bowl of Snow White before bed could help to ease insomnia!

Snow White’s medicinal qualities make it a stash box must-have for anyone with mood disorders or anxiety. There’ll be no signs of evil queens as Snow White takes its users to a dream-land of optimism and serenity!

Given its ability to relax, anyone experiencing stress or depression will also find relief with Snow White. And keep in mind. This strain brings an appetite, so expect some dreamy walks to the fridge!

Snow White Medical Benefits

Gastrointestinal Disorders, Appetite, Severe Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Cramps and Muscle Spasms

2 reviews for Snow White

  1. ncsiding

    Looks good, smells good, works as described, can see why the seven dwarves loved her!

  2. keep1rolled

    This has hella bag appeal, buds are like tinted purple. Kinda fruity smell and taste. Somewhere down the line I mixed it together in my buster with another hybrid I had called Walter White. Needless to say the combo had me blasted

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