Squish Extracts Rosin Mix and Match

$180.00 $140.00

Each MIx and Match includes 3 grams of Squish Extracts Rosin. Choose any 3 flavours for $140



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Squish Extracts Rosin Mix and Match

The rosin process by Squish Extracts on the other hand uses no solvent in the first place so there is no need for any vacuum purge. Get 3 of your favourite strains for only $140!

33 reviews for Squish Extracts Rosin Mix and Match

  1. nathangillis172 (verified owner)

    Its on the way cant wait

  2. karinesweet84.ks (verified owner)

    So. Took 1 star away because the Amnesia Haze Rosin was dry AF. The Nuken one was also on the dry side. OG God Kush was ok. Flavor wise (was my first Rosin Buy) was not what I was expecting. Very plesant and Greeny. Piney. Citrusy. Will be looking at buying more Rosin. LOVE the little silicone containers they come in !! Great taughtful packaging !! Thumbs up for Squish. Thumbs up for Herb Approach. Gotta love those solventless extracts !!

  3. painfulart21 (verified owner)

    Great product, would have gotten more stars if every single gram I’ve ordered has been no more than .92 of a gram one was .90 which is pretty bad, but it’s a great product if you don’t mind getting ripped off!!

  4. wjoemacneil (verified owner)

    Wow. I love Squish products. The Bruce Banner rosin is sooo good. So is the Afgooey. I usually add a bit of a dab on top of my dry herb for vaping and it just brings the vape to a whole different level. The Nukem didn’t impress me as much but it’s still pretty good. I’ve already ordered more.

  5. vanwert_15 (verified owner)

    Little different taste then live resin or shatter but overall pretty good taste and great high. Would recommend anyone to try.

  6. joshmcleod123 (verified owner)

    love the stuff

  7. heftd26 (verified owner)

    It’s a great deal the product is good stuff for the price packed nicely… pink kush was tasty the Nuken gave me a nice buzz but wasn’t to big on the cheese but would like to try others for sure

  8. Caj (verified owner)

    Great stuff! The cheese is really tasty and the columbian gold got me really ripped.

  9. GreenMachine (verified owner)

    the best rosin

  10. dylan_cote (verified owner)

    the best rosin

  11. sukannutaq (verified owner)

    Solventless is the way. Perfect if you don’t like chemical because these are made not using single chemical.

  12. cedsaid007 (verified owner)

    Good price, good packaging with good product. Would love to see HA get some more rosin!

  13. sukannutaq (verified owner)

    I’ve been medicating with rosin over a year now with homemade hand press method and i really like this squish extract line.

  14. tribulusqc (verified owner)

    yeah the violator and uk cheese is very good taste but the columbian gold i think is not really good

  15. Seanripco (verified owner)

    Totally worth it can find better price and quality. Packaging is convenient too

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