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THC Distillate 1ml Ceramic Cartridge (Pyro Extracts)

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Enjoy your favourite THC Distillate Ceramic Cartridges from Pyro Extracts!

Each Order Includes 1 Ceramic Cartridge / 1ml THC Distillate per Ceramic Cartridge


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THC Distillate 1ml Ceramic Cartridges from Pyro Extracts have finally arrived! Enjoy your favoruite vape cartridge with double the amount! Born from the ashes of herbs with fire and flame for the modern connoisseur. A new concentrates company bringing you sleek designs and fire distillate to enjoy. Pyro is all about comfortable and modern designs with affordable and high quality extracts. Enjoy Pyro Extracts full-ceramic tanks which have no traces of cotton, heavy metal, or glue!

Each Order Includes 1 Ceramic Cartridge / 1ml THC Distillate per Ceramic Cartridge

NOTICE: These ceramic cartridges are 510 thread compatible. To make these cartridges fit with the original Pyro battery, you need to slide off the protector cap and screw in the cartridge


  • Durban Poison
  • Great White Shark
  • Romulan
  • Mimosa
  • White Rhino
  • Pineapple Express

4 reviews for THC Distillate 1ml Ceramic Cartridge (Pyro Extracts)

  1. trevorleblanc (verified owner)

    Really happy they added 1ml cartridges. I’d recommend Durban Poison to anyone looking for a good indica. Great flavour and a nice relaxing high.

  2. bradenisthename (verified owner)

    First time trying a cart and was not disappointed

  3. ali_y9 (verified owner)

    I would give the pineapple express 5 starts but bc of the a lil burning tastes i will give it 4. But it is pretty good

  4. darthpotzy27 (verified owner)

    Charlotte’s Web was the right choice for me ! I’ve been using CBD flower , oil and vapes since my muscles and nerves realized just how useful it is !! Pyro makes some impressive cartridges! Great to have on the go ☺️!! Thanks again HA 👍👍

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