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Zig Zag Rolling Papers – Red Cut Corners


Zig Zag Rolling Papers – Red Cut Corners

  • 60 papers
  • Size of the Booklet (not paper) is about 70mm
  • Natural Arabic Gum
  • Made in France

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Zig Zag Rolling Papers – Red Cut Corners

If you were to ask most people what the first brand that comes in to their mind when they think of rolling paper, almost every one of them would reply Zig Zag.

With over 130 years of paper knowledge and unrivaled craftsmanship, Zig Zag continues to provide a range of premium quality papers that deliver consistent superior smoking experiences. The brand continues to evolve in the smoking world and has embraced the new world of vaporization.

The packages feature the famous zouave symbol. Zouaves are soldiers from a special infantry regiment. During their battles, Zouaves would climb rocky cliffs to surprise the enemy and use their artillery against them. As the story goes, one of the Zouaves had broken his smoking pipe during battle. He had the brilliant idea of using his gun powder back material to roll up his tobacco and smoke it, thus creating the first cigarette rolling paper!

That is the reason the Zig Zag symbol is so popular in today’s culture. Try these revolutionary papers today and see why these have remained popular since their debut.

27 reviews for Zig Zag Rolling Papers – Red Cut Corners

  1. braydenlowe92

    These are good quality rolling papers. Nice how it’s only one row too

  2. Lindor

    Love these

  3. Rango_99

    Great Papers!

  4. masterquon5

    Cut corners. Great.

  5. coreyalwavey

    Zigs are my favorite.

  6. Stasha

    Perfect, nuff said!

  7. Stasha

    A must!

  8. Lindor

    Yes I like the ones cut like these

  9. Stasha


  10. Lindor


  11. natikabruce

    Zig zags. Can’t go wrong

  12. MorningStar

    You already know, zig zags. Great for yourself or a friend!

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