How do i sign up?

How Do I Sign Up
1. Visit our registration page here: https://herbapproach.com/my-account
2. Register for an account and follow the prompts as indicated
3. Submit proper identification to [email protected]
4. Wait for approval (Usually within 24 hours)
5. Once approved, you will receive 500 bonus points ($25) credit to spend on our shop!

How do I place an order through Herb Approach? ($100 Minimum order)

It’s easy to order from us.

  1. Start by filling out our simple registration form here
  2. Browse our premium selection from BC’s top producers here and add items to your cart
  3. Check out and pay using Bitcoins or Interac e-Transfer
  4. You will receive a tracking number for your package once payment is confirmed. Expect your shipment within 2-4 business days. You can check your order status here

Is my package shipped safely and discreetly?

Yes. We ensure that your order is packaged with care and vacuumed sealed. This protects your purchase and your privacy. We use mailers which are secure and discreet.

Do You Issue Refunds or Exchanges?

We do not issue refunds or exchanges for most products with the exception of disposable vape pens and dabbing rigs. If you believe that you have a defective product please contact us within 48 hours of receiving the product. Please note that we only issue refunds in the form of points.

Can I get in contact with a customer representative?

Yes,  our contact number is (604) 334-7616 where you can reach us via SMS, Skype and WhatsApp. You can also contact us via our website widget or Facebook Live Messenger. Our customer service representative is available for live chat on Monday to Friday  9am PST – 5pm PST or 24/7 by email to [email protected]

Can I order outside of Canada?

No. We only ship within Canada.

When does my order ship out?

If we receive your order and payment by our 9am PST cutoff time, your order will be shipped the same business day. If we receive your order and payment after 9am PST, your order will be shipped the next business day.

Can I cancel, edit or add to my order?

If you want to edit or add to your order, you’ll need to create a new order with us. We will then cancel the old order. Email us at [email protected] with your order number that you want cancelled. This order will be cancelled or edited if it hasn’t been sealed or shipped out yet.

Can I refer a friend to you?

Yes. You can do this via the Refer a Friend link which is located in your account panel. Just share this link with your friend. Once your friend registers with us, they earn 200 points ($10). Once they make a purchase with us, you get a $25 coupon voucher.

How does your points system work?

Each new member gets 200 points for signing up. For each $1 you spend with us, you get 1 point. This doesn’t include shipping costs, however. For every 20 points that you accumulate you’ll earn a $1 discount which you can apply to any future orders with us. If you do a product review, you’ll earn 10 points. You can only do a review on items that you purchase.

How do i earn and redeem points?

Earning Points:
Earn  500 points ($10)  for referring a friend by sharing your affiliate link
Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend
Redeeming Points:
Redeem your points upon checkout by simply applying the points in your account to your cart.  Here’s a basic breakdown of how our points redemption works:
20 points = $1.00
100 points = $5.00
1000 points = $50.00

Payments and Fees

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Interac E-transfers as this is a safe payment method. If you bank with Canadian credit unions or regular banks, then these are easy to do online with your institution. We provide you with instructions for an E-Transfer with your invoice. For your convenience, we also accept Bitcoins. To pay with Bitcoins just follow the instructions shown on the checkout page. We will only ship orders once the payment has been confirmed.

Is Tax included with the price?

Yes. We charge 5% GST on orders. This is included in the checkout price.

What are the shipping fees you charge?

On orders below $150 dollars we charge $15.  For any order over $150, the shipping is free. We ship our orders via Canada Post Xpress Post and we provide a tracking number via email for you once the order has shipped. If you live in a remote area, your order may take a few extra days to reach you.

Free Shipping only applies to all orders above $150 after points discount.

How do I send an Interac E-transfer?

Sending Interac E-Transfers with your online banking or credit union is very safe to use. It will only take a few minutes or less!
1. Sign into your Online Banking and select “E-Transfer”
2.Add us as an Interac E-Transfer Recipient:
The name & email address used to add us as a recipient can be found on your invoice.
3. Please make your Security Question as “Greatest place on earth” and your Security Answer as “Canada”
4. Please reference your order number in the message box

You can also find more information regarding how to send an E-transfer payment here:

Some additional videos to help with E-transfers from specific banks:





How do I send a Bitcoin payment?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that helps facilitate e-commerce transactions around the world while helping to keep buyer and seller anonymous and secure. Please refer to this external guide on how to purchase and sell Bitcoins.

What happens once my payment has been sent to you?

Once the payment is sent, it may take up to 60 minutes for us to receive the payment during business hours. If payment is sent during non-business hours, we will accept your payment the following business day. When your payment has been received by us, we will notify you by email and send you a tracking number once the order has been shipped out.


Once payment has been accepted, your order will be processed. Please note any payments received after 9:00AM PST will be processed and order will be shipped out next business day.

What happens to my order if I don’t send you a payment?

Once the order is placed, the next step is to send your payment to us. We keep the order on hold until the payment is received. If there’s no payment after two days, then the order is cancelled.

Shipping, Handling and Canada Post

I haven’t received my package, what do I do?

Insured Shipping

If you select Insured Shipping, and you don’t receive your package after two days past the expected delivery date, contact us. You will be credited for the full amount of the order in points and you can simply place the order again.

Non-Insured Shipping

If you have NOT selected the Insured Shipping Option, and you don’t get your package after two days past the expected delivery date, contact us. We can do a trace with Canada Post.
If a trace has been done, Canada Post will do an investigation which may take 5 business days to finish. If they are able to find the package, they ship it to you and you’ll receive it a few days later. If the package is deemed “unrecoverable,” refunds will not be offered due to postal issues.

What is Insured Shipping?

When you select Insured Shipping as an option upon checkout, your package is marked as a guaranteed delivery. Insured Shipments will require a signature. If you do not receive your package, a credit will be issued for the full amount of your order.

Please note Insured Shipping is only offered as a paid add-on to your order.

Shipping Insurance will provide a guaranteed delivery due to Postal Service Failures. Signature will be required as parcel will be delivered to door in person. Not available for PO boxes.

The tracking by Canada Post says “Successfully Delivered,” but I haven’t received my package from you.

There are two possible scenarios here:

  • The postal worker delivered the package to a wrong mailbox
  • The postal worker scanned the package as “successfully delivered,” but it’s actually delivered the next business day.

Canada Post says:

An investigation can be done by contacting the addressee to confirm that the delivery took place or to better understand how they receive their mail. The front desk can be checked, mail room, or security room at the address to see if the package was accepted by someone else on the behalf of the addressee.

Areas that can be checked:

  • Community mail box
  • Around the location to see if the package was left in another location. The mail box should also be checked.

In some instances, a delivery scan is entered into our system before the item is delivered. If you believe that the addressee has received the package before we contact you, reply to this email and indicate that the item has been received.

My package was sent with a “Signature Required.” Why was this asked of me?

Any order over $300 dollars is sent with a ‘Signature Required.” If you don’t want this option, leave a note with your order indicating “No Signature required, Please.”

My package is travelling to another city when tracking, why is this happening?

If you’re using Canada Post to track the package, this is likely human error. This can occur because the postal worker may handle the postal code incorrectly. If they are off my one letter or digit, then the package will go to another city. This results in a rerouting delay of 1-2 days before the package is sent to the right destination.

Canada post hasn’t updated my package in several days, what is wrong?

Most people get their package on time or a day later. In many cases, the tracking isn’t updated due to missing a scan which is a common occurrence. If you don’t receive it 2 days after the expected delivery date, contact us and we will do a trace with the post office.

Why doesn’t the tracking number I receive from you work?

We email the tracking number before scanning the package at the post office. It won’t show up as traceable on the Canada Post site until the package is scanned by the post office. The correct tracking should show up by the end of the business day.

Lost Orders

Herb Approach assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:
– mistakes made by the postal offices
– wrong address given by the customer
– damage to order by postal service
– stolen packages after delivery