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Apothecary Labs is among the best when it comes to the edibles field. Made by health conscious individuals in Vancouver, B.C., their products are made from organically grown ingredients and cannabis products. The main goal of Apothecary Labs is to raise awareness about cannabis and health based products from it.


Apothecary itself is named after the founder and her love of natural healing. Growing up spending time in her Grandma’s apothecary she gained knowledge on treating ailments and diseases with natural herbs and tinctures. Making plant based medicine that was treating all types of conditions. With out knowledge of Cannabis and how it effects the health of those who are suffering from ailments that were once deemed not treatable. The founders of Apothecary Labs wanted to create an option for those who want to use marijuana as medicine but would like to consume in a different fashion then smoking. This is where their knowledge of tinctures and herbal medicines come to play. Fusing hundreds of years of medicine into one beautiful, tiny little package.


Carrying a wide range of tinctures, medibles, dog treats and so much more. Every product is crafted with the best ingredients to treat patients naturally.